Housing in New York after the pandemic: mission impossible for tenants

Renting a place in New York has always been a combat sport. But since the end of the pandemic, it has been an almost impossible mission for many tenants faced with an unprecedented price hike. In the spring, when leases are being renegotiated, Paula Sevilla, a young Spanish woman, and her roommates were given an … Read more

“I think that at the end of the year, hospitals will be in the red. And bankruptcy is not impossible.”

“If we do not reform the hospital sector, we are going into the wall” The government has defined the care missions that will be carried out at local or supraregional level. The sector reacts positively, but is surprised by certain choices. The hospitals will now have to negotiate among themselves.

Giorgia Meloni and the naval blockade: because the FDI plan to stop the landings is impossible

Il landings problem you have to deal with the naval blockade. The president of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni returned to reiterate her proposal yesterday a Open Studio on Italy 1. And outlining the contours of a plan to stop “irregular” migrants starting from “a European mission to be agreed with the institutions “. … Read more

It is almost impossible to buy a ticket to the Adršpašské rocks on the spot. Disappointed tourists demand entry — ČT24 — Czech Television

Dozens of meter-long visitor queues and policemen regulating traffic on crowded roads – this is what it looked like at the Adršpašské rocks in 2019. Queues at the entrance to the rocks no longer form. The online booking system made the check-in process faster. A maximum of four hundred visitors may enter per hour. However, … Read more

The streamer was the first in history to complete Halo 2 on the highest possible difficulty without dying – for 18 years this was considered almost impossible

American streamer JerValiN chalked up an achievement in the sci-fi shooter Halo 2 that has not been conquered by any player in the 18 years since the original release. Image Source: Xbox After several weeks of training and unsuccessful attempts, JerValiN succeeded alone pass the Halo 2 on Ultimate (Legendary) difficulty with 13 gameplay-hindering modifiers … Read more

Sparta lacks someone like Dočkal, moreover, this style does not suit her very well. Kitchen shortcut? It’s impossible

CONVERSATION Explosion in European cups with below-average Norwegian Viking, then a home loss to Liberec. No, this was definitely not how they imagined the beginning of the season in Sparta. They are already under enormous pressure, they are already waiting for this grenade to explode. But whoever it hits, it shouldn’t be the new Danish … Read more

they are faced with an invasion of flies, “eating outside is impossible”

Published on Friday, July 29, 2022 at 2:29 p.m. Despite the summer temperatures, residents cannot eat outside. The reason ? An invasion of flies in their neighborhood! The inhabitants of the Boomsesteenweg in Willebroek can’t take it anymore. For several days, they have been facing a veritable invasion of flies. For them, eating outside is … Read more

Cerezo, pres. Atletico Madrid: ‘Ronaldo? It is impossible for him to come here. I don’t know who invented this story ‘| Market

Per Ronaldonothing Atletico Madrid. The ruling comes from Enrique Cherry, president of the Colchoneroswho spoke for the first time about the possible arrival of CR7 in Madrid red and white: “I do not know who invented this story, but it is practically impossible for him to come to Atetico Madrid”, said the number 1 of … Read more

Xavi: Messi’s return is “impossible”! Al-Ittihad newspaper

Berlin (DPA)Barcelona coach Xavi admitted that the return of Argentine star Lionel Messi to the team at the present time is “impossible”, but he refused to rule out his return in the future.Xavi also refused to be compared to two legendary coaches of Barcelona.Messi’s 21-year career with Barcelona ended last August when he joined Paris … Read more

It is impossible for Daewoo Shipbuilding to survive alone… separate sale over the water

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) resumed launching work at the first dock at the Okpo Shipyard in Geoje, Gyeongnam, which was suspended due to the occupation and siege of subcontractors on the 23rd, after five weeks. Dock 1, with a length of 530m, is a core facility in the shipyard that can build four … Read more