Paula Arias | Former manager of Son Tentación says that Eduardo Rabanal will start playing: “It will be impossible for him to take charge of the orchestra” | Magaly Tv The Firm | show business | SHOWS

Paula Arias and Eduardo Rabanal are immersed in controversy after rumors of the disintegration of are temptation because the soccer player would have assumed the management of the salsa group. MIRA: Tilsa did dedicate a song that she danced to Loco Vargas at her wedding, confirms Samu The singer declared for Magaly Tv La Firme … Read more

Camilla Hugoniot, business manager: “A worker cannot work ten hours a day all summer, it’s impossible”

Camilla Hugoniot has been at the head of the Piemontesi family business since 2015. Founded in Cernier, in Val-de-Ruz (NE) by her maternal great-grandfather in 1929, she now employs around fifty people in total. While a new round of negotiations must be held this Monday between the unions and the employers with a view to … Read more

It turns out that this is the reason that Nokia used to be impossible to use Android

Jakarta – This is the story of a spectacular fall Nokia in ancient times, which were analyzed by many experts or in book form. As was known at the time, Nokia chose to use Windows Phone even though the world was getting hooked on it Android. Apparently, there is a reason Nokia can not use … Read more

WC football | The Czech played against the stars of the WC in Qatar. Defending a Bayern player? Impossible, he claims and remembers Neuer

Of course, it was a better feeling when Moravek had stars as teammates. In the cabin, for example, he met Manuel Neuer at Schalke 04. “I met him thirteen years ago, immediately after transferring to Germany. He wasn’t a Superstar yet, but everyone saw potential in him. It was expected that he would be among … Read more

Lukashenko blames Ukraine for everything: By violating the principles, he is making negotiations impossible

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Sunday that Kiev is making a “mistake” by setting conditions for starting negotiations with Russia. According to Lukashenko, it is precisely the imposition of conditions that makes the initiation of such negotiations impossible. “The mistake of Ukrainians, (Ukrainian President) Volodymyr Zelensky, is that they violate the typical principles of … Read more

Art gossip..the strangest marriage customs in the world A bride does the impossible and falls into a very embarrassing situation during her wedding won’t believe what came out from under her dress

A teenage bride gets into a very embarrassing situation during her wedding ceremony. Watch what came out from under her dress in front of the audience and shocked the groom.! A bride appeared to have difficulty moving around in the dress, which seemed to be lifted from the front, as is customary in fashion designs … Read more

In Modern Warfare II players are occupying “rat mode” to make it very difficult or almost impossible to target them

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Roof / Instagram / Discord Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has already shown that it is a game loved by fans, but with the good always comes the bad, the bugs and the exploits. As for the latter, a portion of players have been taking advantage of … Read more

Gossip of art: Sama Al-Masry, the cream, does the impossible and plays billiards with her ass. Watch

The Egyptian artist bought itSama Al MassriA new video clip of her showing her playing “billiards”, on her own account on a social networking site. From the video, it seemed to her that she was proficient in this game, as she won her round over the person who was with her. Sama Al-Masry recently shared … Read more

The President of Latvia addressed the Germans: this is impossible in Russia

The Latvian leader was invited to speak at the Bundestag, the German War Graves Commission’s Remembrance Day event on Sunday, 2022. November 13 The commemoration was dedicated to the war of aggression of Russia against Ukraine and the common memory of the history of Germany and Latvia. The honored guest of the Bundestag from Latvia … Read more

VIDEO Kvaratskhelia: “Impossible comparison with Maradona, Spalletti great person”

The Georgian striker spoke to the official Serie A channels Khvicha Kvaratskheliastriker of the Napoligave an interview to the official channels of the A league focusing on the season with the Azzurri, the relationship with Luciano Spalletti and the comparison with Maradona. Kvaratskhelia on the season with Napoli — “I don’t know if it’s the … Read more