True prayer is impossible if the “ego” takes the place of God, Papa!

Pope Francis led a penitential service at the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Trionfalae, a parish near the Vatican, as part of the “24 Hours for the Lord” Lenten observance. Joey Kariveli, Vatican City The Pope said that the sacrament of confession is not a punishment, but a healing and peaceful … Read more

Watch before deletion.. With sound and image, Al-Kashta Sama Al-Masry dazzled the youth with an oriental dance compass, shake right and shake left, doing the impossible and revealing her beauty.

The Egyptian dancer, Sama Al-Masry, published a new photo of her, in which she showed, as usual, and insisted on filming it in order to secure a high viewership in the live broadcast. And the pioneers of “YouTube” shared a video of a number of scenes of the artist, Sama Al-Masry, and considered that she … Read more

«Coming to Italy by plane would cost us much less: that’s why having a visa is impossible and we get on the boats»

Ablaye Fall left the Senegal because he was in Senegal male. Rampant poverty, an uncertain future, sick parents, lack of work. Ablaye would have liked to take a airplane to come to Europe. It would cost less. It would have cost a few hundred euros. Certainly not 2 thousand euros like the big one voyagego … Read more

Mission: Impossible. Svalbard banned Cruise from flying a helicopter on set

The governor of Svalbard, a Norwegian territory located 960 kilometers from the North Pole, refused to allow Cruise to make 30 helicopter landings as part of the filming of the second part of the upcoming Mission: Impossible Retribution movie. The authorities are trying to “preserve the virtually untouched environment on Svalbard”, said Kristin Heggelund, head … Read more

Speedrunner manages to get ‘impossible’ extra life in Super Mario 64 nearly 30 years after release

It has cost it blood, sweat and tears, the best years of its life are behind it, but now it is finally defeated. The fabled mushroom, the extra life unattainable in Super Mario 64, has eluded players for 27 years. Now, it must be said that nine years ago, it was actually a player, Toyuru2, … Read more

“It’s impossible, we live together and we’re in Spain half the year!” (video)

The bad news arrived by email on December 19 to Jean-François Malherbe and his wife Brigitte, two inhabitants of Jemeppe. This is a gas adjustment bill from Luminus. The couple closed their account and switched providers to find a better rate plan. **** ** ********** ******* *** ** ***** ********* *** **** ********** ******** **** … Read more

impossible for Franck, motor handicapped, to take the bus in Mons…despite the measures of the TEC!

Taking the bus is a real hassle for Franck, a person with reduced mobility, who has to use a wheelchair. Every day, he is confronted with difficulties preventing him from boarding. ** ****** **** ** ****** ** **** ****** *********** ****** ******* ** ******* ** **** ********** ** ***** ** ********** ******************** **** *** ** … Read more

‘Impossible’ baby star is very close to the black hole at the center of the Milky Way

Home page To know Created: 03/08/2023 09:29 am Von: Tanya Banner Split The black hole at the center of the Milky Way – Sagittarius A*. © EHT Collaboration A baby star is close to the black hole at the center of our Milky Way. Researchers are amazed: Actually, it shouldn’t exist there. Cologne – This … Read more