Forfang’s first NM gold, combined-Riiber impressed with silver – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

Riiber rented after the first round, but did not quite manage to follow up as system in the final round. It was 125 meters and shared second place with Joachim Ødegaard Bjøreng, 1.9 points behind the winner. And it was a very happy winner NRK met on the plain when the result was clear. – … Read more

Hikakin gets swearing while buying a lottery ticket for 1 million yen … Impressed by the response “It’s kind to me even if it’s cut off”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

On January 16, 2022, YouTuber Hikakin released a video on the official YouTube channel “HikakinTV” to purchase a million yen worth of jumbo lottery at the end of the year, in which the general public who was present at the shooting site was swearing. was there. Hikakin “What are you doing !? Hey!” In the … Read more

Such meetings with Russia have not taken place for a long time: the Kremlin should have impressed the mood.

D. Matulionis spoke about his impressions at the meeting of the NATO-Russia Council on Wednesday in the “Radio Interview” program “Topical Interview”. The ambassador noted that such meetings had not taken place for a year and a half. “Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko and their Deputy Defense Minister Fomin were present. There is also a … Read more

What Riise did in the first training session impressed the Avaldsnes veteran

Everything did not go exactly according to plan for Riise at the first training … Watch video above! Hanna Dahl has played in Avaldsnes since 2013 and participated in both series silver and relegation matches with the club in the Toppserien. Now the club is entering a new era under the leadership of John Arne … Read more

Adani: “I was so impressed by the Bastoni-Perisic combination, you don’t see it often”

During the usual episode of the ‘Bobo TV’ on Twitch, Daniele Adani he analyzes Inter’s moment in the light of the success against Lazio: “I really liked the exchange between Bastoni and Perisic, this Inter is disruptive and everyone can attack. In my opinion this way of going out with one of the defenders is … Read more

Antanas Juknevičius also impressed the Dakar champion with his prepared steaks

Delicious smells led to the seven-time Dakar Rally winner Vladimir Chagin, who also went to the Kreda camp. After tasting one piece, he was impressed by the taste and soon began to taste one steak after another. Steaks in the desert Dakar participants have completed halfway – six stages out of twelve – on 8 … Read more

Shizuka Kudo’s “Hisense” cuisine has been a big hit … “Genius of killing ingredients” “Impressed in a sense” –Maijitsu

Shizuka Kudo Illustration / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu In 2021, the “self-catering dish” by singer Shizuka Kudo made a noise. This time, let’s take a look at three dishes that have had a particularly strong response. First of all, from the food posted on Instagram on February 2nd. Kudo said, “Today is Setsubun. Dogs are … Read more

Brad Pitt impressed Sandra Bullock in a new film in which they play together ᐉ News from – Culture

The brilliant, solitary author Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) has dedicated her career to writing books about romantic adventures in exotic places. The covers of her popular series of novels are adorned by the beautiful but superficial model Alan (Channing Tatum), who is so engrossed in his role that he truly believes that he is the … Read more

Fantastic latest work, the first video has been unveiled! I’m still impressed by the 20 years that Wizarding World has built up … The video of the cast coming to Japan in 2018 is also[with video]–tvgroove

ENTERTAINMENT 2021.12.1307ot “The Secret of Fantastic Beasts and Dumbledore” © 2021 Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved. Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Publishing Rights © JKR “Harry Potter” “Fantastic Beast”The Wizarding World series boasts the No. 1 record in the domestic Western-style movie series, with box office revenue exceeding 100 billion yen for all 10 … Read more

Chelsea peeks at Souček. He absolutely impressed me, Tuchel melts away

The Czech fighter literally seduced the head of the last winner of the Champions League, Chelsea. Tuchel sang Souček after the battle, which West Ham won 3: 2. The German perfectionist confided to Evening Standard that Souček had stunned him. This is exactly the player he would like to have on his team. Euphoria and … Read more