Chelsea sack commercial manager over inappropriate messages

Chelsea Football Club have sacked their newly appointed commercial director Damian Willoughby, over “inappropriate messages” he sent before joining the London club. It is understood that the letters to Catalina Kim, football agent, founder and CEO of C&B Sports Group. The “C&B” group had participated in an attempt by British real estate magnate Nick Candy … Read more

Chelsea: “Inappropriate messages” topple the club’s commercial director

Alistair Magwan BBC September 21, 2022 Chelsea have sacked their commercial director Damian Willoughby after the latter sent what he described as “inappropriate messages” to Catalina Kim, the financial agent involved in the commercial aspects of football. Damien had sent those letters to Catalina before joining the club last month. Catalina was involved in a … Read more

Chelsea have terminated the contract of the commercial director due to inappropriate reports

Yeah, you can never be sure of anything, but a girl can’t be sure that you won’t rape her, you won’t make love to her, even if you agree not to, you won’t send her photos somewhere or even guys sometimes blackmail women through work for messages , what she wrote to them (mostly they … Read more

Poor sleep increases the risk of you sending inappropriate emails to work | IMP | FAMILY

From the eye bags to headaches, many of us suffer from side effects if we haven’t had a night of sleep decent. MORE INFORMATION:Did you know that dark circles are not only caused by lack of sleep? Here are 5 tips to combat them Research shows that tiredness is related to ‘cyberincivility’that is, the bad … Read more

‘A problem no one sees’: How experts are working to prevent inappropriate drug prescribing

Drugs and Aging (2022). DOI: 10.1007/s40266-022-00964-9″ width=”800″ height=”478″> Medicines are effective and potent treatment options to protect and advance human health. But medications can also cause harm, especially in older people who often take multiple medications over long periods of time. Experts from the Leslie Dan School of Pharmacy and Women’s College Hospital at the … Read more

“Next time we’ll go on a paddle boat.” The Paris SG coach apologized for the inappropriate joke

Football coach Paris St. Germain Christophe Galtier has apologized for an inappropriate joke about the climate situation. The coach said after Tuesday’s 2-1 win over Juventus in the Champions League that he and the club take environmental protection very seriously. At Monday’s press conference, Galtier was asked why the Paris team flew to the home … Read more

Moderator Železný drew attention to Vlkanova’s inappropriate number: I wish they would explain it to him in Germany

Viktorka from Pilsen confirmed the arrival of midfielder Adam Vlkanova in their ranks on Wednesday afternoon. He started right away in the evening match against Slovácko and scored a goal in the opening minute. He ran out onto the lawn with the number 88, while in Hradec he wore 8, why? The reason is clear … Read more

Inappropriate Honorary Data in Non-ASN Data Collection Applications, Don’t Panic, BKN Gives Ease

Friday, 02 September 2022 – 11:08 WIB Deputy of Personnel Information System of BKN Suharmen during an online conference. Screenshot photo jpnn.comJAKARTA – Many honorariums enter data incorrectly in the application non-ASN data collection. According to the Head of the DPP for the Indonesian Non-Category Two Honorary Forum (FHNK2I) Raden Sutopo Yuwono, the error was … Read more

Inappropriate Drilling Creates Hot Mud Bursts, ESDM Will Sanction Halliburton : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Commission VII DPR RI made annoyed and furious because of the fatal mistakes made by the contractor service company, Halliburton Drilling Systems Indonesia against a number of geothermal drilling activities in the country. The latest incident was a blow out of hot mud and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas at the Sorik Marapi PLTP. … Read more

Obscene texts, inappropriate behavior: real estate agents targeted by perverts

Real estate agents who are tired of suffering inappropriate behavior and receiving obscene images in the course of their work have decided to lift the veil on a dark aspect of their profession by denouncing “perverse” clients. Receiving photos of erect penises, feeling in danger during evening visits, being received by a drunk man wearing … Read more