Trial for setting fire to her house in Bunyola before being evicted

The prosecution requests 13 years of confinement in a psychiatric center for a woman who burned down her house in Bunyola because she was going to be evicted for non-payment. The fire forced many residents to evict. The accused suffers aa paranoid schizophrenia which, according to the accusation, severely affected his abilities. The events occurred … Read more

Academics see Republican support for Trump’s complaints as “incendiary” :: Latinxtoday :: Hispanics

Miami, Nov 10 (EFE News) .- A bipartisan panel of academics and former government officials described it as “inflammatory” and “dangerous” for Republicans to support the allegations of electoral fraud made by President Donald Trump without evidence, noting that they are threatening a “peaceful transition” of power. The so-called National Task Force on Election Crisis … Read more

Incendiary messages linked to Trump adviser traced | United States

BOSTON (AP) – A texting company operated by one of President Donald Trump’s top campaign officials sent thousands of anonymous messages to specific individuals urging supporters to demonstrate where votes were being counted in Philadelphia on Thursday, claiming falsely that the Democrats were trying to steal the elections. The messages instructed Trump supporters to gather … Read more

Man defends himself against eviction with incendiary devices – six injured

When a man resisted eviction in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse in the Palatinate, six people were injured, some of them seriously. The 64-year-old resident attacked the police with burning liquids and prepared incendiary devices, the city administration announced on Thursday. According to the police, the attack in the apartment building occurred when the resident in … Read more

Middle East – Incendiary balloons: new Israeli strikes on Gaza

Early Friday morning, Israel targeted Hamas positions in Gaza in response to further launches of incendiary balloons. Posted today at 02:52 The Israeli military announced a new round of strikes on Friday against Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip, with a view to ending the fire of incendiary balloons from the Palestinian enclave. Over the … Read more

Middle East – Israel strikes Gaza in response to incendiary balloons

New IDF strikes were launched in the Gaza Strip in response to incendiary balloon fire, some of which sparked brush fires in southern Israel. Posted today at 03:09 Israeli strikes on Gaza on August 12, 2020. AFP The Israeli air force announced on Thursday morning new bombardments against Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip, in … Read more