PlayStation Plus free games in December include 3 games including “Mass Effect” Legendary Edition – Computer King Ada

PlayStation.Blog released the free games for PlayStation Plus basic, upgrade, and premium plan members in December, including “Divine Knockout: Founder’s Edition”, “Mass Effect” Legendary Edition, and “Biomutant”. PlayStation Plus’ December free games include Mass Effect Legendary Edition and 3 more “Divine Knockout: Founder’s Edition” will be available on PS4, PS5 and other platforms on December … Read more

Blueberries, goji… 6 berries to include in your diet after 50

Source: Current Woman 28/11/2022 11:00 Real concentrates of vitamins and antioxidants, berries are precious allies after 50 years. Some of them have many benefits. Find out which ones. After age 50, the level of antioxidant micronutrients drops in the body. A balanced diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, in good fats but also in … Read more

What does the ING Cash service include?

Von Marlene Polywka | Nov 24, 2022 at 1:18 p.m From November 29, ING Bank will also be offering its customers in Germany a new or expanded cash service. This should make deposits and withdrawals easier across the board. In Germany, the number of ATMs is steadily decreasing. Most recently, this decline could be explained, … Read more

J. Prigožin reacted to the EP’s desire to include Wagner in the ranks of terrorists: he showed a bloody hammer

Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, known as the founder of the private military company Wagner, displayed a violin case containing a hammer engraved with the Wagner logo and traces of “blood”. This was reported by Russian propagandists, based on the press service of the Konkord company owned by Mr. Prigozhin. This is how inadequately one of … Read more

The Security Service of Ukraine has searched “VS Energy”, whose shareholders include three Latvians

“It is not an ordinary company, but a company that owns several regional energy companies and that occupies 10% of the Ukrainian energy market. It is this sector that currently suffers the most from Russia’s attacks,” said a source in the service. “The oligarchs have already been sanctioned, so the SBU has every right to … Read more

How to include water in a healthy diet

Water is an essential element for life. Good hydration, together with a healthy and balanced diet, allows all the processes of our body to function correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to drink water often, depending on individual needs and the circumstances in which we find ourselves. 123rf Limited©volurol Water, essential for the proper functioning of … Read more

Samsung invites you to shop for gifts to welcome the festival of happiness. Ready to include great promotions 11.11 DOUBLE DAY

Ready to include great promotions 11.11 DOUBLE DAY at 11-13 November In the New Year’s Eve festival, welcome the coming new year. Samsung invites shopping to give gifts to each other with Samsung products. Let Samsung’s technology help you cross the year and achieve goals of 2023 before anyone else. There are home appliances … Read more

How to prevent OneDrive from filling up fast! After Microsoft365 stipulates that Outlook emails include OneDrive space!

How to prevent OneDrive from filling up fast! After Microsoft365 stipulates that Outlook emails will also include OneDrive space. This is effective early 2023 and has been successfully communicated to Microsoft 365 users via email. Microsoft365 has adjusted the terms that will take effect in 2023 as follows: Cloud Storage As of February 1, 2023, … Read more