The main problem in the Škelda market is the incompatible conditions of the proposed contracts, says Indriksone

The amount of wood chips required for Latvia’s heat supply is sufficient for this heating season. Both Latvia has confirmed this in several meetings with Economy Minister Ilzi Indriksoni Wood industry federation, both AS “Latvian state forests” and chip production companies. At the moment, the main problem for both parties is the incompatible terms of … Read more

Illnesses incompatible with driving: in 2022, which ones?

In 2022, the government updated the list of diseases prohibiting driving in France. The law is changing for diabetics, Alzheimer’s patients, the motor and hearing impaired. List, medical check: update on the rules for safe riding. Because of their diseases, some drivers should not drive. To avoid endangering yourself and others. The most frequently encountered … Read more

What are the pathologies incompatible with driving?

Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heavy motor and hearing disabilities: the list of pathologies incompatible or compatible under certain conditions with driving has been updated since Monday, the day after the publication of a decree in the official journal. This decree of March 28 from the Ministries of the Interior and Health repeals the old one of December … Read more

to avoid food poisoning, here are the 9 foods incompatible with plastic

Here is the list of foods incompatible with plastic that may cause food poisoning. 1– Meat Cooked, the meat placed in a plastic container will decompose more quickly, and an alteration of taste and texture will then occur. But contact with meat is also not recommended when it is raw: contact with plastic will accelerate … Read more

Microsoft sends a warning to those who installed the OS on an incompatible PC

Windows 11 has been available for several months now for all users wishing to download the update. If you installed the new version on an incompatible PC, you will soon receive a warning. Credit: Albacore With this new version of Windows, Microsoft has disappointed many users by announcing a minimum system requirement that excluded most … Read more

The Constitutional Court of Poland has ruled that part of the European Convention on Human Rights is incompatible with the country’s Constitution

The Polish Constitutional Court he established that part of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is incompatible with the country’s Constitution. The unconstitutionality it concerns l’Article 6 of the Convention which guarantees the right to a fair trial, by an “independent and impartial court”. In Poland, the decision on incompatibility was taken by a … Read more

Major General Retired TNI Top Da’wah Party Leader Hurts, Calls Detachment 88 Operation Incompatible with Pancasila

WARTAKOTALIVE.COM, JAKARTA — Special Detachment (Densus) 88 Anti-terror Police arrested the General Chair Indonesian People’s Da’wah Party (PDRI) Farid Okbah in Jatiasih, Bekasi, Tuesday (16/11/2021), on suspicion of acts of terrorism. Also arrested at the same time, Ahmad Zain An-Najah who is a member of the Central MUI Fatwa Commission and Anung Al-Hamat. Police said … Read more

Apple has released a cleaning cloth for displays for 1990 rubles – it is incompatible with old iPhones

Today another Apple event took place, during which several new devices were presented to the general public. Together with this Apple start selling branded wipes for cleaning displays for 1990 rubles. Image: Apple According to reports, a display wiper appeared on Apple’s website shortly after the completion of the new product launch. The description of … Read more