The farmers’ association: – It is difficult for consumers to understand why prices are increasing so much

– We need more transparency about what is behind the price increase, says Bjørn Gimming, head of the Norwegian Farmers’ Association. On Wednesday, it is expected that prices in Norwegian grocery stores will increase. In Norway, we have two annual price windows on 1 February and 1 July where prices normally increase after the grocery … Read more

The nightmare is back! The new “Kraken” variant, which frightens in Kovid-19, the number of cases is increasing rapidly

Statements about the Kovid-19 virus are incessant. The Turkish Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (KLİMİK) stated that the ‘XBB.1.5’ variant, known as ‘Kraken’, may have started in Turkey. Experts stated that the pandemic is not over. Here are the new statements about Kovid-19… The coronavirus statements keep coming. Within the scope of the … Read more

The amount of debt of the countries of the world is increasing; concerns about developing countries / Article

The amount of debt of the countries of the world is increasing; concerns about developing countries The amount of debt continues to grow The amount of global debt, estimated by the Institute of International Finance, is about 349% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) and is equivalent to a debt of US$ 37,500 per … Read more

Humiliated, beaten, imprisoned: cases of slavery in Switzerland are increasing

GETTY For the first time there are figures on the exploitation of workers in Switzerland. Only a few cases come to light. Investigations are currently underway in Geneva. “I had no more will.” This is how the nanny summarized his years of martyrdom before the Winterthur district judge. The young woman was recruited via an … Read more

Increasing ‘Back Streets’ Disclosure: 17 Years Series Ended Just Because It’s White

The fate of the detective series of the screens, which was shared by Özgür Ozan, lker nanolu, Oya Okar, Ozan obanolu and Tun Ouz, and which has not been broadcast for a long time, started to wonder about the fate of the audience. The acquittal on the subject came from Arka Sokaklar’n Rza Baba’s Zafer … Read more

Slovenská banka has been increasing fees since February 1. You will pay extra for this!

The digital age has arrived and with it changes that many clients will not like. Food, energy, rents, simply everything that represents a financial burden are more expensive. One of the largest banks in Slovakia is now added to all the additional expenses, The Post Bank. Yes according to the Financial Hit Parade increases basic … Read more

Christianity in the United States continues to fall away, church closures are rapidly increasing Young people’s trust in religion collapses, Corona disaster pushes (1/4) | JBpress (JBpress)

Young people’s trust in religion collapses Abandoning churches in the US (pictured at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York) Many churches in the United States are now rapidly closing down. Because Americans are turning away from Christianity. What is going on in American society? It is said that there are currently about 380,000 churches in … Read more

The foul inspections are increasing – inspection technicians were bribed

Premium: Pure scrap cars and death traps are approved at the car inspection – without the cars even being in place. In Gothenburg, an inspector was caught taking SEK 2,000 for an approval. Now the police are raising the alarm that “foul inspections” are increasing. – Some are serious, others are deceived, says Sebastian Tornell, … Read more

Russia’s next weapon against Europe: Increasing the number of flights to Kaliningrad

In October, Russia announced that it was opening air traffic to Kaliningrad from other countries as part of the Open Sky initiative, writes the multilingual broadcaster Euronews. Among other things, they want to increase the number of flights from the Middle East and North Africa to the exclave. This worries the ICMPD, which fears that … Read more

Survey: School attendance of Ukrainian children is increasing, but the teaching of the Czech language is insufficient

According to the survey, 70 percent of three- to five-year-old children from Ukraine go to kindergartens and children’s groups, roughly double compared to June, and almost every second Ukrainian refugee aged 15 to 17 attends secondary schools. Above all, the problem with kindergartens is limited capacity, the teaching of Czech is also insufficient, the survey … Read more