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BILLIONAIRE VISIT: On Thursday, Prime Minister Erna Solberg visited salmon billionaire Gustav Witzøe on Frøya in Trøndelag. Photo: Terje Bringedal, VG Salmon billionaire Gustav Witzøe would rather not have to pay wealth tax, but receives immediate criticism from SV’s Kari Elisabeth Kaski and Aps Hadia Tajik. Witzøe calls the criticism a “personal attack”. Published: Updated … Read more

The duo’s e-commerce reaches new heights: “We are incredibly proud”

That Understatement has had its big breakthrough is no exaggeration. The lingerie brand, which was founded by Marie Stolt and Maria Lager, sells products both through its own e-commerce and external retailers. And now they are about to break their previous sales record, reports Breakit. It looks like it will land at around SEK 20 … Read more

Incredibly! The cyclist braked the truck! | Ahaonline.cz

It all happened the moment a man on a bicycle passed through a crossroads. At the same time, he felt that the driver of the truck was threatening him. And he turned his feeling into a peculiar and completely unexpected revenge. He drove the colossus directly under the wheels, trying to stop him. And he … Read more

Canadian fiasco: Incredibly ripped the extension but fell from T.Satoransky’s hand

57 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter, Tomasz Satoransky realized one free throw and the away advantage jumped to double digits (92:82). But then the truest miracle happened – the Canadian team sprinted 12: 2 in less than a minute and ripped off the overtime. Andrew Wiggins, one of the leaders of the … Read more

The car took to the air – it lasted an incredibly long time

The AirCar Prototype 1 is powered by a 160-horsepower BMW engine and has a fixed propeller. In less than three minutes, he transforms from an airplane into a road vehicle. According to Klein Vision, the flying car has already completed more than 40 hours of test flights. These include an 8,200-foot (2,499.36 km) cruise with … Read more

Hurricane Laura “Incredibly Dangerous” Lands in the US Page all

LAKE CHARLES, KOMPAS.com – Hurricane Laura reportedly landed on AS, where he is deemed “extremely dangerous” because it is category four storms. The arrival of the “monster” raised warnings of “inevitable” rising sea waves, as well as evacuation orders to hundreds of thousands of residents of the Gulf Coast. According to the National Hurricane Center … Read more

Man saves woman from white shark’s jaws: “Incredibly brave …

Off the coast of Port Macquarie, a few hundred kilometers north of Sydney, a 35-year-old surfer was rescued from the jaws of a white shark by another surfer. The surfer jumped on the white shark and patted the muzzle. The shark, said to be ten feet long, released the woman. She sustained serious injuries and … Read more

Ralf Schumacher on Formula 1 legend Michael: “was always incredibly proud”

Ralf Schumacher expressed himself with emotional words about his Formula 1 past at the side of his older brother Michael. “I was always incredibly proud of my brother and still am today, of all that he has achieved,” said Schumacher in the AvD Motorsport Magazine on SPORT1: “In our family there is no envy, on … Read more