Diablo 4 Diablo 4 Raiders|Introduction to the mainstream point distribution genre and mastery selection of each profession

Diablo 4 Diablo 4 Raiders Introduction to Mainstream Matching Styles and Mastery Choices of Various Professions|”Diablo 4″ Diablo 4 is officially launched, I believe many people are the ordinary version of the army who have not played first, “Hong Kong 01” technology toys Below the channel is an introduction to the mainstream genres of each … Read more

Diablo 4 Diablo 4 Raiders|Whole Map Teleportation Point/Lilith Altar Location List

Diablo 4 Diablo 4 Raiders Full Map Teleportation Point/Lilith Altar Location List|June’s masterpiece game “Diablo 4” Diablo 4 will be officially launched tomorrow, although players who pre-ordered the deluxe version have been in the past few days Crazy progress, but I believe that more people will join the normal version of the army starting tomorrow. … Read more

“Hue” is free for a limited time on Steam, and is a well-received color puzzle independent adventure game | 4Gamers

The puzzle-solving adventure game “Hue” created by Fiddlesticks Games, a game team based in London, UK, is currently free for a limited time on Steam. Just log in to Steam and enter the store page to claim it and save it permanently in the collection. “Hue” is a puzzle-solving adventure action game that revolves around … Read more

Devolver Digital released three sincere new works! The well-received sequel “The Law of Talos 2” and the beautiful adventure “Neva” are first exposed | 4Gamers

Independent game publisher Devolver Digital boarded the PlayStation Showcase online conference today (25th), bringing three games that will debut in the second half of 2023 and 2024 at a time. Shuttle 2D and 3D images, full of joy and surprises, “The Plucky Squire” (The Plucky Squire) Released on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo … Read more

LEGO 2K Drive LEGO GT7+ double car|Customized Wild Speed ​​​​10, Batmobile|3 versions respectively

“LEGO 2K Drive” (LEGO 2K Wind Racing) is likely to continue the DIY building block boom in “The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Fluid”! But this time, instead of building giant Gundam robots, we use LEGO Bricks to build our own LEGO building block chariots! All the cars in the game can be disassembled into parts, … Read more

New pixel-adventure “Being the Past” releases new promotional video Searching for a missing high-society girl at the bottom of a dystopia “Let Bions Be Bygones”

Indie game team Bohemian Pulp Indie LIVE Expo 2023 released the new work “become a thing of the past(Temporary translation, original name: Let Bions Be Bygones)” new promotional video, the game has not yet confirmed the release date. 《become a thing of the pastis a pixel-adventure game in which the player follows the protagonist as … Read more

Ocean action-adventure game “Ice Age” reveals new film to explore the world covered by ice 65 million years later “Glaciered” – Bahamut

The game publisher PLAYISM announced at the independent game online conference “INDIE LiveExpo 2023” this evening that the future ocean action with soul-like elements was developed by the independent game development studio “Studio Snowblind” led by the game producer “Shibuya Kai” adventure gameice age(Glaciered)” will be distributed by PLAYISM, and the latest promotional video will … Read more

Basketball-themed roguelite action game “Robot Slam Dunk RoboDunk” opens the prologue “warm-up match” to experience “RoboDunk” – Bahamut

A new basketball-themed work developed by the independent game team Jollypunch Games “robot slam dunk(RoboDunk)” will release the prologue “warm-up match” experience on the Steam platform from today (16), players will be able to slam dunk in a wild way. 《robot slam dunk“is an action game based on the theme of basketball and combined with … Read more

The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Tears Speed ​​Run 94 minutes high-speed explosive machine 4 hearts hit the final boss

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Have you started playing yet? Foreign experts have already tried out the 94-minute Speed ​​Run high-speed burst machine, which is a feat of the gods! In the open world, you can directly enter the Demon King City Last Friday, … Read more

Mickey Mouse has a gun? Polish team develops “Mouse” Disney retro cartoon shooting game that attracts attention | 4Gamers

It’s been nearly 95 years since Walt Disney’s 1982 sound cartoon “Steamboat Willie” (Steamboat Willie) came out. When the copyright of artistic creation expired, Steam appeared a retro style, suspected Mickey Mouse’s early cartoon style shooting The game “Mouse” aroused enthusiastic attention from netizens. “Mouse” was first released on TikTok’s Polish developer in April this … Read more