India’s Worst Heat Wave, Dozens of Birds Fall Every Day All

AHMEDABAD, – Dozens bird in Gujarat State, Indiafall every day due to exhaustion and dehydration due to heat wave that stings. heat wave in the region dry up water sources in Gujarat State’s largest city, Ahmedabad, depriving birds of water. Reported Al JazeeraThursday (12/5/2022) the heat wave that hit this time was the hottest … Read more

Indonesian Citizens in India During Heat Wave: I’m Not Strong, Just 2 Steps Out, Throat Dry Immediately

NEW DELHI, – A student Indonesia from India said it was hit heatstroke or heat stroke in the middle heat wave that hit half of the country. The Indian government says the heatwave, with temperatures reaching more than 45 degrees Celsius, is affecting millions of people. Anggy Eka Pratiwi, a doctoral student in Jodphur, … Read more