Covid-19 is not over, Indian authorities are shocked by a child infected with the Nipah virus, more deadly than Corona

RIAU24.COM – Authority India is trying to contain the spread of the virus that took the life of a 12-year-old boy. Virus it’s called a virus Nipah, allegedly more deadly than Covid-19. The boy was taken to the hospital with a high fever, he also had encephalitis. After a blood test, he was diagnosed with … Read more

Scientists Successfully Find Snake Venom That Can Kill Covid-19 Without Harming Humans

RIAU24.COM – Researchers in Brazil may have just found a stepping stone to finding the strangest treatment for Covid-19 the venom of a species of snake that is thought to be able to fight viruses effectively. The molecule present in the venom of the jararacussu pit viper is able to prevent the ability of the … Read more

Seconds of a Family Kills on Fire in Her Home. Page all – Fire hit four houses on Jalan H Chalid, Flamboyan Hamlet, Teluk Pantaian Village, Gaung Anak Serka District, Regency Indragiri Hilir (Inhil), Riau. The fateful incident occurred on Monday (24/8/2020) in the morning. As a result of the disaster, a family consisting of her husband, Indra Syahroni (32); his wife, Linda Andari (25) and; … Read more

This is the explanation of Telkom IndiHome and Telkomsel about Internet disruption in Sumatra

PEKANBARU – Users of Telkomsel and IndiHome internet services in North Sumatra and Central Sumatra experienced disruption since Tuesday (11/8) afternoon. Telkom Indonesia confirmed the technical issue was due to the Telkom Automated Telephone Center (STO) facility building in the city of Pekanbaru on fire. According to the company, the fire incident occurred at 15.00 … Read more

Add 4 Patients, Five South Sumatra Residents Who Worked in Siak were Positive Covid-19

PEKANBARU – Riau Provincial Health Office (Diskes) Head, Mimi Yuliani Nazir said, that four of the eleven new positive cases of Covid-19 in Riau that were announced on Sunday (7/19/2020) this afternoon, had something to do with the 242th patient, Mr. R (26) residents of the Province of South Sumatra (South Sumatra).“There are four new … Read more