Vlahovic overthrows Milan and inflames the market: the whole truth about Juve, Conte, signing and evaluation of Fiorentina | First page

Wonderfully Vlahovic. Last night at the Franchi a sublime performance by the Serbian striker was staged. Two great goals to bring down Millan, an assist for Saponara and also a commendable work for the team. The Serbian striker has already scored 10 goals in 13 games and has no intention of stopping. Not even to … Read more

“Blue Boy” in front of millions… A video with Tamer Hosni inflames communication

The concert of the Egyptian artist, Tamer Hosni, which was held last Friday, became the talk of social networking sites in Jordan during the past hours, after the young man Saleh, known as “The Blue Boy”, appeared on stage with the singer, in a humanitarian gesture that impressed everyone. Hosni summoned the young man, and … Read more

“Nida Al-Watan”: The return of the smuggling line to Syria inflames chicken prices

The chicken smuggling market from Akkar to Syria has regained its activity; After it had stopped in the past few months, which called at the time for relief in the consumer market and a decrease in the price of a kilo of chicken and cutlets of all kinds, people turned to chicken and eggs after … Read more