Flor Salvador, the 22-year-old Mexican writer who has 90 million followers

The Mexican Flor M. Salvador is 22 years old and more than 200 thousand copies sold of “Boulevard”, his first printed novel loaded with tormented youth romance. Surprising figure, but pales to more than 68 million views of the online version. The numbers are provided by Wattpad, a self-publishing platform with social network dynamics where … Read more

Struggling for Influence with China, Top US Diplomats Visit Indonesia

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for East Asia, Daniel Kritenbrink (left), will visit Indonesia. Photos/REUTERS WASHINGTON – A top diplomat United States of America (USA) for East Asia will visit Indonesia , Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand starting this weekend. The visit comes after President Joe Biden vowed to increase engagement with Southeast Asia, a key … Read more

‘Epa Colombia’ will have a son with his partner, the soccer player Diana Celis

The renowned businesswoman and ‘influencer’ Daneidy Barrera, better known as ‘Epa Colombia’, gave his followers new news. He assured that he will have a son with his partner, soccer player Diana Celis. The announcement came after Barrera asked Celis to marry him in the middle of a match for Santa Fe, the team where the … Read more

Good fortune constellation in 2022, wealth soars, love and happiness_Taurus

Original title: Good fortune in 2022 We very much hope that we can have good fortune, and we also hope that we can achieve a high level of wealth, and love to be sweet, but these points are difficult to achieve, so which constellations can be in 2022 Do these things? Let’s get to know … Read more

PS5 architect Mark Cerny on the influence of game developers on hardware design

The PlayStation 5 started with a simple brainstorming session. At least that’s how Mark Cerny, the main architect of the console system, puts it. In one new video from Wired, Cerny explains how Sony built the PS5 and explains in detail why each component was chosen and how they all help to power the system. … Read more

Darius Songaila – about love of fashion, wife ‘s influence and failed purchases Names

Designer Kęstutis Lekeckas was not the first innovative costume to meet all the highest standards of the classics. “As soon as I have the opportunity, I will visit Kęstutis. It always surprises with its approach to fashion and creativity – it presents a liquid and sweat-resistant shirt, it receives a global award for sustainable fashion. … Read more

Japanese exports remained under the influence of supply shortages in October

Japanese exports recorded a rise of 9.4 percent in October, which is the largest decline in the pace of their increase in eight months, while the lack of global supplies is still affecting negatively, according to figures published on Wednesday by the Japanese government. Export growth was also below estimates by Bloomberg News, who had … Read more

The Czechia is one of the most resistant countries in the region to the influence of Russia and China, says study by Globsec – ČT24 – Czech Television

Globsec in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Romania and Serbia has examined five areas related to the influence of Russia and China, namely public attitudes, political environment, public administration, information environment, civic sector and academia. sector. The organization compiled a vulnerability index from these areas. The Czechia, together with Romania, scored … Read more

A video shows Octavio Ocaña under the influence of cocaine | Farandula 123

W.G.P The accidental death of Octavio Ocaña continues to give cloth to cut. And on the fact, many are the conjectures that have been made and even unpleasant images of the wayward life that the actor led have come to light. TVNotas magazine broadcast an interview with a friend of Ocaña who assured that the … Read more

J.Nebo – about the subtleties of European basketball, the influence of his sister and first love

The 24-year-old 206 cm tall basketball player is just getting acquainted with European basketball. In Europe, this is only the second season of his career for this young basketball player. But J.Nebo seems to feel great here. As soon as he arrived in “Žalgiris”, the American caught the attention of the fans due to his … Read more