U.S. Pushes for Business Investment in Africa to Balance Chinese Influence – WSJ

The Joe Biden administration is now pushing hard for U.S. companies to invest in Africa, despite the obstacles they face there. More than a decade ago, China began to expand its economic and political ties with African countries. U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris pledged on Tuesday in Ghana’s seaside capital to “double down” on bringing … Read more

Don’t cry for me Olgettina, the London musical dedicated to Berlusconi ready for its debut: “An Evita under the influence of acids” – The video

«I am the Jesus Christ of politics» thus begins the musical Berlusconi on stage from 29 March at the Southwark Playhouse Elephant in London, conceived by the producers of the famous TV series Fleabag and Baby Reindeer. “It’s time to set the record straight. Let’s welcome the ex to the stage crooner of cruise ships … Read more

What influence do supernovae have on marine life today?

Although a violent and destructive event in its own right, supernovae bursts have diversified marine life on Earth since the beginning of the Phanerozoic period. The process has happened over 500 million years. Since the Phanerozoic period, characterized by abundant plant and animal diversity, supernova explosions promoted the creation of marine life. According to a … Read more

From Ukraine war to US influence, Putin-Xi Jinping summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that China’s peace plan will be effective for a ceasefire in Ukraine. Ukraine and Western countries are also criticized for not being ready for a ceasefire. But the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, stated that Russia is not ready to negotiate without withdrawing its troops. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s … Read more

Russia is losing its military influence over other post-Soviet countries

For example, the redeployment of so-called Russian peacekeepers from Nagorno-Karabakh to Ukraine is undermining Russia’s influence over Armenia, the ISW report said. Experts point to the warnings of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan that Azerbaijan is preparing a new large-scale attack on Nagorno-Karabakh. Pashinyan has announced that Yerevan will have to turn to the UN … Read more

Russian oligarchs’ influence or misunderstanding: Lithuanians wonder how the door was opened for the aggressors Sports

The International Fencing Federation (FIE) has become the second sport to open its doors to athletes from war-torn Russia and Belarus. The first is boxing, or rather the International Boxing Federation headed by the Russian Umar Kremliov. Russian representatives have also occupied important positions in the world of fencing for many years. Also, Alisher Usmanov … Read more

PhD defense: Favorable influence of potassium in chronic kidney damage

Use of potassium supplements is associated with lower blood FGF23 levels and lower risks of cardiovascular outcomes and mortality, both in healthy subjects and in renal patients. This has emerged from PhD research by Stanley Yeung, for which he obtained his PhD at the University of Groningen at the end of January. Kidney damage leads … Read more

How to model the influence of the Sun on the Earth’s climate

Solar radiation provides the heat and light necessary for life. It varies according to the cycles of activity of the Sun, currently impossible to predict with precision. Davos researchers are collaborating on several experiments, on the ground and in space, to learn more about solar physics. This content was published on March 12, 2023 12 … Read more

Georgia parliament officially withdraws ‘foreign influence’ bill

Demonstrators against the “Foreign Influence” bill clash with police outside the Georgian parliament/David Mdzinarishvili/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images 2023.03.11 Sat posted at 14:40 JST (CNN) Georgia’s parliament formally on Wednesday withdrew a “foreign influence” bill that sparked mass protests over fears it resembled a Russian law used to suppress political dissent. bottom. The Georgian parliament held a … Read more

Republican candidate for Constitutional Council resigned after crashing under the influence of alcohol

After starring in a traffic accident while driving his vehicle under the influence of alcohol and be arrested, Martín Kuschke resigned from the candidacy for the Republican Party to the Constitutional Council in the Araucanía Region. Through a press release, Kuschke offered his “sincere apologies to the community” and acknowledged “with great regret that was … Read more