European countries may have overinvested in LNG import infrastructure

In a rush to find alternative sources of supply for the gas imported by pipeline from Russia, European countries, especially Germany, accelerated plans to build new LNG import infrastructure to receive gas delivered by ships from the United States, Qatar and other countries. But a new IEEFA study shows that European countries may have overdone … Read more

To support the smooth running of the 2023 Eid homecoming, Jasa Marga has prepared facilities and infrastructure

JAKARTA, – PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk is ready to support the smooth running of the upcoming 2023 Eid Mudik event. “We are ready and continue to coordinate with relevant stakeholders. Including with the Ministry of Transportation, BPJT Ministry of PUPR, Korlantas Polri, and others,” said Main Director of PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk … Read more

Tim wants to sell the network dearly: “Cdp and competitors review the offer that does not reflect the value of the infrastructure. By April 18”

To the pretenders of the telephone network, Deposits and Loans Fund included, Tim asks for a raise. The company’s board has reviewed the non-binding offer for thenetwork infrastructure presented by the consortium formed by CdP Equity e Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (Europe) Limited. The response is that, however much appreciated, the proposal from over … Read more

German railways rely on China’s Huawei for digitization

Last December, DB awarded a contract for the supply of most of the components for its new IP network worth 64 million euros (CZK 1.5 billion) to a company using the technology of the Chinese firm Huawei. The IP network will form the backbone of a new digital infrastructure that will allow state carrier DB … Read more

Russian impotence – fifteen attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure

Since October 2022, Russia has carried out a total of 15 massive missile attacks on energy facilities throughout Ukraine. The goal of the last one – from March 9 – was infrastructure in eight regions, including in Kiev, Kharkiv and the Zaporozhye, Zhytomyr and Odessa oblasts, including power transmission and heating. In total, the invaders … Read more

The market of electric mobility networks is expected to grow by 2030. will exceed 173.98 billion USD, and the CAGR from 2022 to 2030 will reach 31.62%; Key innovations in electric vehicle technology and charging infrastructure driving market growth

SkyQuest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd. SkyQuest has recently conducted a comprehensive study of the Electric Mobility Networks market, which provides comprehensive and comprehensive insights into market valuations, growth dynamics, segment analysis, market trends, and profitable business opportunities. The report was created using a sophisticated methodology that uses various evaluation tools including technology assessment, SWAT analysis, … Read more

Critical Infrastructure Security | ICTjournal

With digitization, command systems and critical infrastructures (operational technology or OT), hitherto isolated, are opening up to the outside world and suddenly finding themselves exposed to cyberattacks. Faced with this evolution, it is imperative to have effective OT security. Critical technical infrastructure – whether critical to the functioning of a country or a business – … Read more

U.S. debt interest rate rises, Hong Kong stocks return to infrastructure before the two sessions – Hong Kong Economic Journal website

March 3, 2023 Hengsheng Financial Summit Zoom in picture / show original image U.S. economic data highlighted continued inflationary pressures, and Fed officials made “hawkish” remarks. The market re-examined bets on the peak of U.S. interest rates. On Wednesday, the U.S. 10-period Treasury yield rose above 4%, the first time since November last year. U.S. … Read more

A large-scale drone attack against infrastructure objects took place in Russia / Article

February 28, 6:06 p.m Added on February 28, 20:17 As a result of the drone attack, giant columns of smoke were visible over the Rosneft oil refinery at night. The flames of the factories in the Krasnodar region had taken over an area of ​​200 square meters. Some Russian Telegram channels report the explosion at … Read more