The young woman who was injected with 4 doses of the coronavirus vaccine suffers from severe dehydration

The young woman who was inoculated with massive dose of the vaccine against coronavirus from Pfizer it could start to have consequences. The young woman waits for doctors and experts to evaluate her case and confirm if it is dehydration due to the doses. The young woman, Virginia, indicates that drink seven liters of water … Read more

the nurse injected the patients with insulin. She killed 7 people

How did she kill patients and what information was she looking for online before the killings? The shocking events took place at the Louis A Johnson medical center in Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA. As it turned out, a former hospital nurse deliberately injected seven patients with insulin. In high doses it causes hypoglycaemia and is … Read more

the girl who accidentally injected six Pfizer doses monitored in Careggi

They accidentally gave her six doses of Pfizer vaccine. All together. Unique case in the world. It happened two days ago to a 23-year-old who had gone to the hospital in Massa (Massa Carrara) for vaccination because, next to an internship in clinical psychology at the Asl Apuana, she falls into the health category. The … Read more

Six doses of the covid vaccine are mistakenly injected into a young Italian health care provider

An Italian woman from the town of Massa (in the north of the country) has received six doses of the coronavirus vaccine by mistake, for which she has had to spend a day under observation in the hospital, from which she has already been discharged and is fine. This is a 23-year-old young woman who … Read more

An AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Recipient in Vietnam Dies a Day after being Injected

HANOI, – Vietnam reported the recipient’s first case of death the Covid-19 vaccine produced by AstraZeneca. A 35-year-old health worker in An Giang Province was initially injected on Thursday local time (6/5/2021). Also read: The US promises to share 60 million doses of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine with the world In a statement from the … Read more

Vaccination: 2 million doses injected in 1 month, Belgium in the European TOP 3

“We have reached a new milestone: 4 million doses. We managed to inject 2 million doses in just under a month, which is the equivalent of the first quarter of this year. The campaign is in full swing. the ECDC ranking, Belgium is the third European country to have administered the most first doses of … Read more

Break a hundred in 1.9 seconds! Red flag supercar will be injected into Ferrari “element”-IT and transportation-cnBeta.COM

A few days ago, some media learned from FAW Group officials thatThe group will appoint former Ferrari CEO and board member Amedeo Felisa (Amedeo Felisa) as the executive chairman of the joint venture and a special adviser to the senior advisory committee, who will assist Hongqi in building the world’s top supercar. Felisa has 26 … Read more

Germany: She injected saline instead of a vaccine. She wanted to hide her mistake

The nurse confided her mistake to a colleague who worked with her at the German Red Cross vaccination center in Frize (northern Germany). The man notified the police. Authorities called on the 200 people who had been vaccinated that day at the center to report urgently for an antibody test to detect those who had … Read more

Broken ampoule: in Germany, patients injected with saline instead of vaccine

In Germany, a nurse broke an ampoule with a COVID vaccine and kept silent about it The nurse who replaced the drug was charged with bodily harm. The police took over the matter. In the German region of Friesland, Lower Saxony, a nurse broke an ampoule of coronavirus vaccine and six patients received saline injections. … Read more

She injected saline instead of the vaccine. She wanted to hide the mistake

Police in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, launched an investigation against a nurse who, in order to conceal the fact that she had inadvertently broken a vial of Covid-19 vaccine, injected six patients with a salt solution that was harmless to health. (illustrative photo) / Adam Warżawa /PAP The nurse confided her mistake to a colleague who worked … Read more