Masák was completely taken over by the Norwegians. The innkeeper made three shooting mistakes and broke his wand

The race intended for the thirty best men in the cup classification was started very quickly by the Norwegians. But when they had to go to a penalty round after the initial lie, the French trio of Fillon Maillet, Jacquelin and Claude got ahead. But it soon paid for mostly inaccurate shooting. Biathlon phenomenon J. … Read more

The innkeeper gave hope to the relay team, but it didn’t last long. The Norwegians ruled – CT sport – Czech television

In Ruhpodling, Germany, the most experienced and successful Michal Krčmář started the relay. Mathew Emmons, the American shooting coach for the Czech team, explained the unconventional inclusion of Krčmář in the opening section. “We want Michal to start it at the top and then the boys will try to maintain it,” said the Olympic champion … Read more

The innkeeper hesitated on the last item, the organizers and competitors experienced a shock

The race was affected by power outages in the area, after which the timing graphics and television broadcast did not work for several minutes. Despite two penalty minutes, overall leader Norwegian Johannes Thingnes Bö won to claim his 60th anniversary triumph in the series. Second was Sjaestad Christiansen with one mistake on the Vetle shooting … Read more

The innkeeper ruined his fighter with five mistakes on the shooting range. Boe continues to reign

Behind the clear winner, a dramatic battle unfolded for second place, which was eventually taken by Fillon Maillet, who also improved seven places compared to the sprint. The older of the Norwegian siblings, Tarjei Boe, finished third. He was ten seconds short of the Frenchman, who stood on the podium for the first time this … Read more

Another Van Buren hat trick. I’ll have a couple of beers, so a lot of water, he said in response to the Innkeeper

When he scored a hat-trick in the league in August and talked about a celebration involving “a few beers”, he offended biathlete Michal Krčmář. Now the Dutch striker of Liberec Mick van Buren once again made his mark three times in the round of 16 of the cup against Olomouc. <p style="box-sizing: border-box; –tw-border-spacing-x: 0; … Read more

The former biathlete committed suicide at the age of 43. The Innkeeper is also sad

Swiss biathlon was rocked by sad news. At the age of 43, former biathlete Simon Hallenbarter, nephew of Konrad Hallenbarter, who won the famous Vasa Run in 1983, decided to end his life. Simon only started biathlon at the age of 23, until then he was following in his uncle’s footsteps. Already in the 2003/04 … Read more

The bartender at the fourteenth farewell, after a small globe, unexpectedly reached Nor Bakken at home

The innkeeper, who shot Saturday’s fighter completely flawlessly, started with another clean item and was eleventh. Václavík returned from the penalty round in 27th place and was followed by the leader of the overall ranking, Fillon Maillet, who circled twice at the beginning. The home team Lägreid took the lead, attacking the final second place … Read more

The innkeeper was brought up by fifteen places by a clean shot and he can look forward to a massacre

The other two Czech representatives, who had a better starting position than Krčmář, were offended. Adam Václavík only slightly – in 24th place, Jakub Štvrtecký finished 31st after five penalty rounds. The German Erik Lesser rejoiced at the surprising championship, interrupting the winning streak of the holder of the great crystal globe, the Frenchman Quentin … Read more

The innkeeper in the fighter jumped fifteen places. Lesser – ČT sport – Czech Television experienced a winning farewell in Oslo

Another Sunday race with a mass start and after many years in the track they will hang cross-country skis and a small shotgun on a nail. And Erik Lesser could not have wished for a better end to his career than what he has managed to do at the World Cup finals in Oslo so … Read more

Early coronation. Fillon Maillet finished second, but he’s already sure of a large crystal globe

Only 19 competitors managed the initial shooting stop, including Krčmář. The French Jacquelin and Fillon-Maillet, along with Nora Bakken and Christiansen, tried to set the pace for the group’s leaders. Nevertheless, a large pack of biathletes arrived on the next lane, crammed into six seconds. However, only twelve men showed the second item to zero. … Read more