Innogy is rising sharply again. The supplier has published how much the current bills will increase

Innogy will raise electricity and gas prices from January. The price of gas will rise by 15 percent, the price of electricity will rise by 19 percent. Customers with a fixed price will not be affected by the increase. The monthly payment in a typical family house will increase by 270 crowns for gas and … Read more

CEZ will increase the price of electricity from the New Year. Customers pay about a third more – ČT24 – Česká televize

However, the price per megawatt-hour consumed, for example, doubles at the most common D02 rate. While so far people have paid 1,700 crowns without VAT for a megawatt hour, now it will be 3,120 crowns. The overall price on the invoice is helped by the fact that the regulated fees remain the same at the … Read more

Innogy: Energy prices are now extreme, stabilizing next year

As a result, almost a quarter of a million customers are now switching to gas supply in the mode of last resort. Have you ever considered that something like this could happen? We are in a completely exceptional situation, where hundreds of thousands of energy consumers get into trouble and have to involuntarily look for … Read more

Innogy will increase gas prices by more than ten percent

The new gas prices will affect only a small part of innogy’s customers, the company said. “Most of our existing customers will not be affected by this price increase at all; of course, we will adhere to long-term fixed-price contracts,” said David Konvalina, director of the innogy group for retail and marketing. “We last adjusted … Read more

Innogy reacts to the increase in gas prices. CEZ and the Teplárenské sdružení – ČT24 – Czech Television also admit price increases

According to innoga, the reason for adjusting the price lists is the dramatic rise in the price of the commodity on the wholesale markets. However, the company noted that the price is rising at a slower pace than the competition, with existing customers benefiting from cheap gas purchases in the past. According to the company, … Read more