That’s why he had good teeth! Defeated the insane disease at 70: There is a world

It was determined that Kezban Köse (70) living in Mersin had a benign tumor in his brain 10 years ago. Köse, who received radiation and drug treatment, relapsed after a while, although his pain eased at that time. Köse, who gave up the surgery after the doctor in Mersin said, ‘I can do the surgery, … Read more

İzmir news The pain he has suffered for 10 years is over! He beat the insane disease at 70

Kezban Köse (70), who suffered from unbearable pain due to a tumor in his brain, got rid of his pain 10 years later. Köse, who suffered from trigeminal neuralgia, which is also known as the ‘disease that drives him crazy’ among the people, had his 5 healthy teeth extracted to relieve his pain. It was … Read more

NOPE and Jordan Peele serve an insane taste

NOPE will be discussed a lot this summer. The third film in which Jordan Peele is both director and screenwriter follows up his Oscar-winning debut Get Out and Us. Two horror films with underlying satire and social commentary. Now comes the mysterious NOPE, which hopefully has some of the same ingredients. Jordan Peele describes this … Read more

3 hours and only less than 2 sets – the most insane semi-final of R. Nadal and A. Zverev was stopped by a terrible trauma

The king of the ground from Spain led the way with a score of 7: 6 (8), 6: 6 and just a powerful blow he had left the ball in the corner of the pitch from the left, tearing the second overtime when the clutter of the overcrowded Philippe Chatrier’s central card was quickly silenced … Read more

Because of the power of her insane lust?… A Bahraini bride couldn’t control herself on the wedding night and without an iota of shame made a dangerous move in the bedroom and the groom lost the most precious thing he owned.! !

2022/06/02 It’s 06:20 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Like any young man, this Bahraini young man dreamed that his wedding would be distinct from everyone, and that the first meeting with his wife would be special as well, but those wishes turned into a mirage, and on the night of the wedding he almost … Read more

Even Cristiano Ronaldo has never won so much: Kylian Mbappé would have accepted an insane offer from Real Madrid

The outcome of the greatest saga of the transfer window is about to arrive. According to the Spanish media, Kylian Mbappé has now reached a full agreement with Real Madrid, who are ready to make huge efforts to secure their services. The English newspaper The Athletic, generally very well informed, also confirms an agreement between … Read more

A leaked record in which a Russian oligarch spoke about Putin’s health: concluded he was insane

In a leaked record, a Russian oligarch said Putin was “very sick with blood cancer.” According to New Lines magazine, the person’s name was not revealed because the record was leaked without their permission. The record also shows the man calling Putin “crazy” about the failed invasion of Ukraine and condemning him for “destroying” the … Read more

Insane Marvel Movie Makes $450 Million in Just Days

<!– –> Prior to the first weekend, it was expected that Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness would raise about $150 to 175 million in the States and would be about $300 million worldwide. Those expectations have been far exceeded. It turns out that the second Doctor Strangefilm has raised approximately $185 million in … Read more

May 1st – Scarpetta (OECD): “In Italy the quality of work has deteriorated, a minimum wage is needed. Citizenship income? Insane to take it all away from those who find a job”

Less busy compared to two years ago. A record number of precarious. And more and more forward contracts short: those activated in the last part of 2021, before the war complicated the situation, in two cases out of three lasted less than six months and in one out of four cases less than a week. … Read more

Djokovic called the expulsion of Russians and Belarusians from Wimbledon insane

“I will always condemn the war and I will never support it because I am a child of war myself,” Reuters quoted Djokovic as having experienced the conflict in the former Yugoslavia as a child. “I know how the war will affect you. In Serbia, we all remember what happened in 1999, “added Djokovic. “Still, … Read more