Methods You Can Use Other Than Insect Repellents To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

In order to be protected from mosquitoes, we first need to understand under what circumstances this creature attacks. 1. Blood Type We leave the word to the Japanese scientists: According to one study, mosquitoes are twice as likely to bite people with blood type O than people with blood type A. Researchers state that mosquitoes … Read more

Scientists rethink insect evolution after finding 500 million year old fossil

A new study of fossil storage memory sheds light on the evolutionary history of insects and arachnids, particularly their brains, vision and head shape. The fossils consist of the well-preserved remains of the brain and nervous system of Stanley Karis, the three-eyed predator. Despite the predator’s lifespan of more than half a billion years, the … Read more

7 insect bites you should never ignore

CHUCKWAGNER/SHUTTERSTOCK Gale Scabies can cause serious side effects if the bite is not treated promptly. It is therefore very important to recognize the bites, although unfortunately these can take four to six weeks to develop. Their presence extends beyond typical insect bites into the realm of parasites; they come from microscopic mites that burrow into … Read more

Scientists discover key genes behind insect migrations

Scientists have identified more than 1,500 genetic differences between migratory and non-migratory hoverflies. A team led by the University of Exeter captured migrating insects as they crossed a mountain pass and sequenced active genes to identify those that determine migratory behavior. This genetic information was then compared to that of non-migrating summer hoverflies. “We identified … Read more

Fossil brain found in 500 million year old shrimp-like creature explains insect evolution

Although they are separate molecules, water molecules collectively flow as a liquid, producing currents, waves, vortices, and other classical fluid phenomena. Not so with electricity. While electric current is also a different construction of particles – in this case, electrons – the particles are so small that any collective behavior between them drowns out the … Read more

How is sunstroke diagnosed? What causes nosebleeds in the heat? What is good for insect bites?

Although the summer season comes with all its beauties, the fact that we spend more time in nature and at the sea due to the increase in air temperatures and the opening of the holiday season brings with it some dangers. In the summer, sunstroke, insect bites, drowning and nosebleeds are among the most common … Read more

Self-assembled front door insect door: Danawa DPG DPG my heart

The installation engineer came and installed the door in the front door, I think it’s 4-5 years old. The net at the bottom was cracked and torn, so I ordered it online and changed it myself. Before purchasing, I learned how to install and how to fill in silicone through YouTube videos. Assembly was much … Read more

The insect is dying out. Europe does not want the Chinese path of “human pollinators”, it has a different proposal

“The law is a major milestone in nature conservation,” commented Lenka Fryčová, an expert from the Central European branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature Conservation (WWF). Decrease by tens of percent According to European Environment Commissioner Virginia Sinkevich, insects are declining at an “alarming rate” in much of Europe. Some research even shows … Read more

Two deaths from insect bites in 48 hours in Lombardy – Chronicle

Two people – a 63-year-old woman and a 62-year-old man – have died from insect bites in the last 48 hours in Vigevano, in the Pavese area, and in Milan. The woman died, Sunday afternoon, of anaphylactic shock caused by the sting of a wasp: she was a retired municipal employee who knew she was … Read more