how to easily install an image generator on your computer?

Are you interested in generative artificial intelligence models? So why not try to install one locally on your PC? Contrary to what many may believe, accessing and using AIs like those of Stable Diffusion, an open source AI model, is not reserved for any elite. In principle, setting up Stable Diffusion requires downloading several software … Read more

Here are the 12 municipal streets where the City of Liège will install repressive radars (videos)

** ** *** ** ********** ***** ** ***** ** ****** ** ********* *** ****** ** ****** **** ***** ******* ********** ***************** **************** ** *** *** *********** ** ******** **** ********* *********** *** *** ********************* *********** ******** *********** *** ** ***** ** ****** *** ** ******* ** **** ********** *** *** ********* ** ** ***** **** … Read more

The first open source Office software combined with ChatGPT is present!This article teaches you how to install and use

The power and ease of use of ChatGPT should not be mentioned any more. Nowadays, many people will use it to help with work and academic matters, especially some paperwork. And some people must want to say, is there no way to fill in the ChatGPT reply directly into the Word file? Of course there … Read more

New trouble: Microsoft also urged owners of unsuitable PCs to install Windows 11

Microsoft wants as many users as possible to switch to Windows 11. Sometimes users of old, no longer compatible PCs were urged to switch to the newer operating system. Like Microsoft itself on its website communicates, requests to switch to Windows 11 were also sent to users whose PCs or laptops are not suitable for … Read more

Smaller size is easier to install! ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 4070 Ti AMP AIRO Graphics Card

ZOTAC has always had a unique understanding of graphics card size. As long as the heat dissipation performance can meet the needs, the size can be made smaller and not bigger. This time, the RTX 4070 Ti launches the AMP AIRO version, which is shortened to 30 cm in length and thinner. Some only have … Read more

Graphic unpacking/PlayStation VR2 is easier to install and easy to use in the early stage. Play 37 games and experience virtual reality immersively | Unboxing new gadgets | Digital

It was officially launched in Taiwan and other markets on February 22.PlayStation VR2. The author actually obtained the real machine of the listed version this timeunpack。 Although previouslysonyInteractive entertainment and most mediafirst unboxinghere is a brief review of the relevant hardware specifications and related designs. ▲The slogan “Feel A New Real” can be seen on … Read more

PlayStation VR2 quick out of the box: easier to install and experience virtual reality interactive content Initially provide more than 30 game content #SONY Interactive Entertainment (189786)

In terms of game experience, compared with the lack of suitable content when PlayStation VR was first launched, Sony Interactive Entertainment has released more than 30 corresponding and compatible game content when PlayStation VR2 was launched, and some games even allow players to It can be upgraded to support PlayStation VR2 for free or for … Read more