Saint Ludmila in Prague has her class back. A climber installed them on the towers

After more than two months, when the towers of St. Ludmila’s Church were empty, their historic clock returns to them. The first two renovated dials are already in place, at a height of about fifty meters above the ground, repairmen installed them on ropes on Monday. “We removed the clock from the towers in about … Read more

“Woman’s dream of love” – ​​an unusual environmental object has been installed at the pier in Liepāja

“The Tale of the Karosta Mermaid” is a story of love. There was a “storm, the disappearance of the captain, and, since then, the autumn phenomena at the North Pier.” The legend written by Vara Siliņa with the literary pseudonym Liepu Tēvs in all its glory can be read both in the newspaper “Kurzeme Name” … Read more

Business owners sell iPhones with Fortnite installed for a price several times higher than normal

Business leaders, because it is difficult to name otherwise people who want several times more money for iPads and iPhones with Fortnite installed. Fortnite has been removed from the App Store and cannot be downloaded in any way. The only way to play on iPads and iPhones is to have the latest version of Fortnite, … Read more

Four new electric car charging stations have been installed in the Acropolis – Market News

Publicity photo From August 10, visitors to the shopping and entertainment center “Akropole” will have access to four new e-car charging stations, where it will be possible to charge “Fiqsy” brand electric cars. By installing nature-friendly transport charging stations, “Akropole” has become the only shopping center in Latvia where such a service is available, and … Read more

Accidentally drops a small black object while taking a shower, this woman is in shock when she finds out the facts behind it, it turns out that her friend’s husband’s husband accidentally installed a hidden camera

Sosok.ID – Somehow this woman felt when she found out the terrible facts on bathroom his house. The strange thing that he dropped while taking a shower turned out to be hidden camera installed by her friend’s husband. Worse, the camera was deliberately installed to peek at him while taking a shower. Reported Sosok.ID from … Read more

WSJ: A US Government Contractor Company Installed Tracking ‘Software’ in 500 Applications

A small US company with ties to the US defense and intelligence communities has integrated its ‘software’ into hundreds of mobile applications, allowing it to track the movements of hundreds of millions of mobile phones around the world, it reports. The Wall Street Journal. This is Anomaly Six LLC, a company based in the state … Read more

Efremov will not ask the court for a special procedure for considering his case :: Society :: RBC

Mikhail Efremov (Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC) Actor Mikhail Efremov, who is accused of a fatal road accident, will not ask the court for a special procedure for considering his case, since he does not admit his guilt. This was stated by Efremov’s lawyer Elman Pashayev, reports TASS. “For this we must admit guilt. We … Read more

new malware threatens the most popular applications installed on most devices

Cybercrime is lurking again. Security companies detected malicious files present in many Android apps. Malicious files continue to gain ground in the world of technology so far in 2020. A malware You have a new hosting site and this is in the Android operating system. Furthermore, the attack could be much deeper, since the virus … Read more

100-bed Modular Hospital installed at the University of Concepción

A modular emergency hospital was installed this morning on the premises of the Universidad de Concepción, in the capital of the Bio Bío region. The enclosure It has 100 beds and is enabled in the parking lot of the study house. As detailed by Regional Mayor, Sergio Giacamán, The structure will increase the number of … Read more