One of the largest solar panel projects in Latgale has been installed at the “Ošukalna” factory

The multi-sector company “Ošukalns” in cooperation with the energy company “Enefit” has installed one of the largest and most technically complex solar panel parks in the Latgale region on the roof of its woodworking factory in Jēkabpils. Project investments are 350 thousand euros. As part of the project, 1,050 solar panels with a total system … Read more

Soignies: the first ecuroduct in Wallonia has just been installed

The pipeline project goes back three years already. “I had seen a report, on a French channel“, says our nature enthusiast. “So I participated in a competition, launched by the municipality, as part of the participatory budget”. “Sonegians voted overwhelmingly for Muriel’s project“, continues Camille Lebrun, from the Environment department. “The écuroduc came in second … Read more

Thibault, from Amay, has been living in hell for a year because of an ultrasonic anti-cat device installed by a neighbor: “It’s unbearable!”

Since 2021, Thibault Florkin has set up his carpentry workshop in rue de Biber in Amay. Inconvenienced by the passage of stray cats, a neighbor of the carpenter installed a device that diffuses ultrasound to keep the felines away. Only problem, this device does not only disturb cats. “The case actually produces a noise that … Read more

a countdown installed in Place Saint-Lambert and in Bavaria for March 21 at 10 a.m.

** ******** ********* *************** *** ** ********* ****** ******** ***** ******* ******** ********** *** ** ***** ************* ** ******* *** ***** ******** * ***** ****** ** ***** ****** **** ** ********* ** ****** ******* ******* ** ******** ***** ** **** ********* ** ** **** ** **** *** ******* ******** * ***** ********** *** ** **** … Read more

Constituent process: Admissibility Committee is installed and elects president and vice president | new-constituent-process

The 14 representatives appointed by the political parties on January 25They already accepted to be part of the Admissibility Technical Committee during the Constitution ceremony. This body will be in charge of ensuring the 12 institutional bases agreed upon by the political parties in the Agreement for Chile. The people who will integrate this body … Read more

“I know it’s not good, but the people I put it in are just tired of paying dearly”

At least 457,000 Belgians were users of an illegal IPTV in December 2022, i.e. 5.4% of the population, as revealed by a study published by our colleagues from the DH. This is less than the 8% for the Netherlands, but this figure remains challenging, since it is higher than the European average. Indeed, according to … Read more

Why an app is automatically installed for all users – t3n – digital pioneers

The Defender installs itself (Iconic image: IB Photography/Shutterstock) Microsoft 365 users may have wondered recently: The new Windows Defender has automatically installed itself as an app on their devices. Unexpected gift for Microsoft 365 subscribers: Anyone who is currently installing the installer app will automatically have the new Windows Defender installed on their device since … Read more

Migrations: The caricature that is tried to be installed on the reroutes is not valid

The director of the National Migration Service, Louis Edward Thayer, came out to those who have questioned that the troops that control the northern border redirect people who enter irregularly to the country, assuring that this measure “will be effective”. Almost at the end of this first week of deployment of the armed forces in … Read more

WhatsApp will be deleted from cell phones that have these applications installed | Chronicle

WhatsApp it became the most popular messaging platform in the world. But the growth also caused the proliferation of unauthorized versions that have tools with a higher level of customization – such as WhatsApp Plus – that fascinated the users. However, the company Meta does not take kindly to this and issued a stark warning. … Read more