Goodbye Citto Maselli. Militant intellectual, inseparable companion

Di Citto artist and central figure of communist culture in Italy I know that the competent will write. But I can’t help but, the moment he passed away, publicly thank him in this newspaper despite the fact that my gratitude has completely personal additional reasons: Citto was the first communist I met and who started … Read more

“Saudi Idol” winner, Hams Fikry, reveals secrets about her life, her real name, and her age • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Hams Fikry, winner of the title “Saudi Idol” in its first season, revealed her real name and age. And she said during a video clip that her real name is “Zainab”, while Hams Fikri is the artistic name she adopts. Adding that she is 29 years old, and that her singing career is … Read more

How strange her reaction came! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Social media activists circulated a video clip showing the moment the contestant, Hams Fikry, won the title of Saudi Idol, “Saudi Beloved”, in the last episode of the first season of the program, broadcast on mbc channel, yesterday evening, Wednesday. The clip documented Hams’ reaction, after announcing her crowning the title, which at … Read more

Activities at Easter Teenager with an intellectual disability

For young people, Easter is an opportunity to have fun with the family and to spoil themselves by eating chocolate. Teenagers, like adults for that matter, find their child’s heart by reconnecting with the story of the Easter bunny and doing the famous egg hunt. If this activity is the best known, several others can … Read more

Stijn vzw asks more attention for the sight of children with intellectual disabilities: “Is often overlooked”

The Stijn care network calls on care providers, parents and other informal carers to pay more attention to good vision. “The concerns are often so great that a good view escapes attention,” explains Leen Hulshagen of care network Stijn. The non-profit organization therefore developed an awareness campaign, together with KU Leuven, UZ Leuven and Centrum … Read more

Karmi Khayyat: We did not resort to encryption as they promote, but we demanded intellectual property rights that are guaranteed by local and international laws

The Vice-Chairman and CEO of “Al-Jadeed” channel, Karmi Khayyat, indicated to “Voice of Lebanon” radio that the interruption of “Al-Jadeed” and “LBC” broadcasts took place without anyone contacting her in advance. She added, “No one understood what happened. They told me that we were cut off, and we had no news. We did not ask … Read more

Mechanisms were outlined for technologies

The government outlined the mechanisms by which it is planned to stimulate the technological development of Russia until 2030. Among them, according to Kommersant, are loans secured by intellectual property, the commercialization of developments in the defense sector and subsidies for “reverse engineering”. Because of the sanctions, the industry is threatened with “technological degradation,” officials … Read more

Algis Ramanauskas accuses “Domino” theater of intellectual theft: “I have proof”

Meanwhile, the manager of the Domino Theater said he had not heard any accusations. Such theatrical behavior is not new to the LATGA association. Copyright defenders claim that intellectual property is sometimes frowned upon even in state-owned theaters. Sex Guru is a comedy for adults. Before the pandemic, A. Ramanauskas played the main role in … Read more

Jurists and intellectuals in Nordio, via il 41 bis in Cospito – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, 07 JAN – “A gesture of humanity and courage”, such as the revocation of the 41 bis, to Alfredo Cospito who “is one step away from death in the Bancali prison in Sassari following a hunger strike which has now lasted for 80 days”. This is what the Minister of Justice and … Read more

Farewell to Alberto Asor Rosa, the combative intellectual – Culture & Entertainment

The most famous ”palindrome” of Italian literature, Alberto Asor Rosa – died today in Rome at the age of 89 – he was a combative, workerist intellectual, always poised between study and social struggle, leaving the communist party many times by slamming the door, there was nothing more distant from him than the classic image … Read more