In Finland arrested 323 thousand euros intended for the company associated with the oligarch Rotenberg

The Helsinki Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the district court and allowed to freeze and confiscate 323,000 euros intended for a company associated with Russian oligarch Arkady Rotenberg, writes Helsingin sanomat newspaper. The case concerned the purchase by a Finnish firm of fertilizers from the Dubai-based Agricultural Minerals. In October last year, the … Read more

nurses. Fnopi alarm: “100 thousand professionals will soon retire, without reforms intended to recruit personnel from abroad”

President Mangiacavalli: “Today we don’t have the concrete possibility of hiring such a large number of nurses. Considering that 10-12 thousand nurses graduate every year, we will hire staff to cover the physiological turnover” 09 MAG – “Within 8-10 years, around 100 thousand nurses will leave the service. Today we do not have the concrete … Read more

“It is not intended for Czechs.” Text by Fiala and others in an influential American magazine. Both Schwarzenberg and Drulák are clear

25/04/2023 17:25 | Comment A political declaration that has its meaning? Or cheap propaganda using aggressive terms trying to reverse Washington’s hesitation? We asked prominent names in Czech diplomacy what they think about the discussed article by Prime Ministers Petr Fiala, Eduard Heger and Mateusz Morawiecký. Photo: Peter Fiala’s Instagram Description: Petr Fiala and Volodymyr … Read more

The perpetrator of the murder of the owner of the OYO Hotel originally intended to steal the victim’s car

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The police said the motive for the murder of the owner of the OYO Assirot Residence hotel was hurt. The perpetrators of the murder of Naima S Bachmid were household assistants or ART FM, 31 years old and SDS, 49 years old. “We conducted an examination of the perpetrators, the perpetrators said … Read more

European Commission critical of intended takeover of VMware by Broadcom – IT Pro – News

I readily admit that my view is fairly determined by my field of work, but I say that you can’t be further away from reality than with those statements. vSphere is by far the virtualization market leader and for good reason. It continues to innovate in many areas. Support for NVME over Fabric (FC and … Read more

Suspicions of an attack in Belgium: the individuals intended to attack Bart De Wever

DIndividuals suspected of preparing attacks, placed under arrest warrant on Monday, wanted to assassinate the mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever (N-VA) and attack police offices, the newspapers of the Mediahuis group reported on Friday. Investigators had been monitoring these young men for a long time, who had quickly become radicalized. Their ambition was not … Read more

Individuals suspected of terrorism intended to attack Bart De Wever

The federal prosecutor’s office confirms that the Antwerp branch of the terrorist group had plans to liquidate the Flemish nationalist elected official. “The name of De Wever indeed appeared in the Antwerp investigation“, comments Eric Van der Sypt, the spokesperson for the federal prosecution. “But there was no question of a day or an hour … Read more

The 3D printed rocket failed to reach its intended orbit. Nonetheless, important results were obtained

Relativity Space’s Terran 1, the world’s first rocket to be 3D printed, successfully launched on its historic maiden test flight on March 22, but failed to reach its planned LEO (low Earth orbit) orbit. . The rocket, with 85 percent of its mass 3D printed on the world’s largest metal printers made by Relativity, took … Read more

Lukashenko: weapons intended for “terrorists” were found

Belarusian security services shot dead a foreign citizen in Grodno near the Polish border on Sunday, who Minsk claims was planning a terrorist attack. The security service announced that the “terrorist” was killed in the shooting. Belarusian television, controlled by the Lukashenko regime, reports that a fake Russian passport was found near the body. “The … Read more