Buying condoms, that intense stage kiss and his illegal pranks: singer IBE (20) answers 11 naughty questions | Nina

You saw him play at Pukkelpop and he just lost Sweet Love, his debut album. IBE (20) lives for his songs. Proof? There is a touch of music in almost every answer to the naughty questions we ask him. Even his most cinematic kiss was one on stage. “One full of adrenaline. Although my current … Read more

got done?It is revealed that the Shenzhen Football team is dissatisfied with Li Zhangzhu’s training methods are too intense and the tactics are outdated_Shenzhen Team_Dalian People_Problems

Original title: Was done?It is revealed that the deep football team is dissatisfied with Li Zhangzhu’s training methods are too intense and the tactics are outdated On September 1st, in the 12th round of the Chinese Super League, the Dalian natives played against the Shenzhen team, which was also on the edge of the relegation … Read more

Intense training and fiery competitions between racing talents in Cyprus, Jordan and Lebanon in the Cross Kart Challenge

The Cross Kart Challenge, which was held as a three-day training camp organized by the Lebanese Automobile and Touring Club and with the support of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), was concluded last Sunday, with the participation of 16 drivers from Cyprus, Jordan and Lebanon. This program is dedicated to the weight of the talents … Read more

The frantic and intense shooter Gungrave GORE dates its launch with a bloody trailer

The video introduces us to the characters that will accompany us in this crazy adventure full of bullets. we will always have shooters in the market but if they give us a fresh, bloody and intense formula, you already have the requirements for us to keep an eye on you. As good news, Iggymob has … Read more

Intense talks between Washington and Beijing to avoid 200 Chinese companies leaving Wall Street

Talks between Beijing and Washington to avoid delisting about 200 Chinese companies from New York stock exchanges are accelerating, with a plan to allow US inspectors to travel to Hong Kong To review auditing documents Chinese companies. Chinese regulators have instructed major accounting firms to prepare to bring audit papers of Chinese companies listed in … Read more

Triathlete Kingma fled from bond training center after abuses: ‘Very intense’

ANP NOS Sport•Saturday, 09:27 Triathlete Maya Kingma (26) felt the urge to flee. In 2013, she registered at the national training center in Sittard as a 17-year-old. It was finished at the end of 2016. Slowly but surely, the fun in swimming, cycling and running had completely disappeared in South Limburg. She had to get … Read more

Don’t Look at Others, Honda Giorno’s Performance Makes Your Style More Intense!

COPPER – Honda Day by design retro similar to the Vespa could be a serious competitor to Yamaha Fazzio. How about comfort Honda Day when riding, is it a scooter matic retro is this qualified? Of course, the matter of driving comfort is not only seen from the engine specifications matic Honda Day course. Read … Read more

Bad weather in Liguria, Arpal: “The yellow alert was correct. Intense but localized phenomena “

Damage caused by bad weather to Cavi di Lavagna Francesca Giannoni, manager of the Arpal weather climate unit of the Liguria Region, speaks. “Citizens must get used to living with this kind of increasingly extreme events” Matteo Dell’Antico August 18, 2022 Subscribe to read too

Without a heart and no pity for her intense crying.. a father forced the food bill to leave his daughter as a pawn in the restaurant.. and when he returned hours later to pay the amount, it was a shock that no mind can imagine and no human being can bear.! !

A strange behavior that never occurs from a father towards his children, as they usually refuse to give up or leave them alone anywhere, even if the place is safe, which is the instinct that most of us have. In a shocking and cruel situation, a Chinese father found himself unable to pay the bill … Read more