A Saudi young man imitates the poet “Turki Al-Mezani” and provokes an interaction on “Tik Tok” • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip, shared by a Saudi young man on the “Tik Tok” application, imitating the poet “Turkish Al-Mizani”, received a wide interaction between activists and a tribute to his artistic talent. . The clip, the Saudi young man, called Sabih Al-Omari, explained that he is performing an acting performance as the “Al-Mezani” … Read more

The roots of the Prophet Muhammad and the “mural of prostration to the chin” .. An Egyptian scientist provokes an interaction, citing Quranic verses

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media circulated videos from the intervention of the Egyptologist, Waseem Al-Sisi, and what he said about the origin of the Prophet Muhammad, which sparked an interaction. Wassim Al-Sisi said in his intervention on Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel: “A painting of murals of our ancestors as they prostrated … Read more

The color and price of the Saudi dress, Rajwa Al Seif, and its comparison to the dress of the Duchess, Kate Middleton, provokes an interaction

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media circulated pictures of the dress of Saudi Arabia, Rajwa Al Saif, fiancée of Jordan’s Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah, and how it was compared to the dress of the Duchess of Cambridge and the wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton. Activists circulated pictures of … Read more

Anticipating “decisions” on the seats of representatives in Parliament.. A video of an Iraqi woman provokes a wide interaction

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A woman sparked a wide interaction, Sunday, after circulating a video of her signing what were like “decisions” inside the Iraqi parliament, after Muqtada al-Sadr’s supporters stormed the parliament building, in the Green Zone, on Saturday, and announcing Start an open sit in it. The woman appears in the … Read more

Between success and failure.. Amal Maher’s concert ignites widespread controversy amid interaction over raising “Egypt’s flag”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The concert of the Egyptian artist, Amal Maher, sparked widespread controversy on social media, Saturday, as some considered that it was not successful, while others stressed its success, while the Egyptian actress, Ilham Shaheen, drew attention. , Attention by raising the flag of her country during the ceremony. Maher … Read more

Despite the fellowship of the Parisian .. Messi and Ramos return to the time of the Spanish Clasico and a wide interaction (video)

In a split second, rivals Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos returned to the time of the Clasico and the confrontation between Barcelona and Real Madrid, but they remembered that they had become teammates in the same team, Paris Germain. And a video clip spread on social networking sites “Twitter” showed signs of a dispute between … Read more

iOS 16 allows third-party U1 ultra-wideband integration, enabling new features for nearby interaction – Mister Crazy

Apple announced at the WWDC 2022 developer conference that it will support the integration of third-party accessories for the U1 chip for iOS 16, allowing developers to use Ultra Wideband (UWB for short) Nearby Interactions (Nearby interaction) API framework integration allows iPhone devices with U1 chip to be compatible with third-party UWB accessories. Through the … Read more

A video clip provokes a wide interaction.. Mohamed Salah dedicates his shirt to Zidane Iqbal

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A video clip sparked a wide interaction on social media, showing the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah gifting his shirt to the young Iraqi player Zidane Iqbal, following the end of the Liverpool-Manchester United match. Manchester United beat Liverpool 4-0 in the Bangkok Cup friendly final in Thailand. Mohamed Salah … Read more