[DISINFORMASI] Monkeypox is only transmitted through sexual intercourse with men – 03/11/2022

Explanation : Circulating uploads on Instagram that share old hoaxes claiming that monkeypox or monkeypox can only be transmitted through sexual intercourse between men. Upon further investigation, the information is not correct. In fact, monkeypox can be transmitted to anyone who has close contact with an infected person, contaminated objects, and droplet. Quoted from the … Read more

A Saudi young man has daily intercourse with his sister… When she dared to tell her father what was happening, the unexpected fatal surprise! !

2022/10/31 It’s 03:45 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite A Saudi young man forced his sister to practice vice with him, as happens in adulterous films. The young woman, called Ghadi, admitted that her brother was watching vulgar films for the price of forcing her to apply the clips with him. She indicated that she … Read more

Crazy desire..a very beautiful young woman who is having intercourse with her husband and his brother at the same time..and when the video was leaked, this is what the husband did shockingly, turning his hair gray!!

2022/10/22 12:15 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Crime in our societies has become a daily habit that we hear like anything normal because of what is happening for women, which today is the corruption of morals in our society, especially the Egyptian society. Today, we have become a murder, not an ordinary crime. A … Read more

A couple indulges in sexual intercourse on an SNCB train: “It disgusts me”, “I would have called the police”, “What is this animal behavior?”

You are not dreaming… The facts which are rather surprising, took place in the wagon of an SNCB train and in front of everyone! Indeed, a couple, who doesn’t seem to be worried about anything, was seen having sex on the Belgian rail… The scene taking place in the eyes of all, a traveler who … Read more

She was practicing immorality with her sister’s son, and she had intercourse with husbands, and when her son entered, the great catastrophe occurred, and this is what happened in the gruesome end.

2022/10/04 12:20 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The image of a girl who practiced vice with her nephew spread on social media platforms, especially in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The crime took place between an Egyptian woman and her nephew, who were practicing vice, before her son suddenly caught them, which prompted her … Read more

San Basilio, girl refuses sexual intercourse to three: boyfriend and brother-in-law beat her

ROME. Sexual violence weekend in Rome. A horror film that repeats itself. There are at least two episodes reported by as many young people – a 21-year-old and a 22-year-old – who told the police in these hours of having suffered attempts of abuse or real sexual violence on Friday and Saturday night. A 21-year-old … Read more

Watch .. shocking details of the most hot scene in Egyptian cinema, which began with hot kisses and ended with a full intercourse in the presence of the filming crew .. and the director did not move to stop the actors

You are now following the news of shocking details of the most hot scene in Egyptian cinema, which started with hot kisses and ended with a full affair in the presence of the film crew .. And the director did not move to stop the actors and now with the details Riyadh – Rowaida bin … Read more

The electric fantasy during sexual intercourse killed it. The 29-year-old couple’s relationship ended in death. He electrocuted his partner, he died

LOVE BIT In the incident that took place in New Zealand in January 2011, a man who wanted to bite his wife’s throat caused his partner to be paralyzed. The woman whose neck was bitten suffered a stroke in her left arm as a result of intense blood loss and blood clots. According to the … Read more

Crazy instincts and without fear.. A young man assaults an Egyptian girl in the middle of the street and drags her to a side place in order to have sexual intercourse with her husbands.. But that was the end! (video)

2022/09/25 It’s 08:20 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Social media users circulated a video clip, which was monitored by surveillance cameras from the Banilia market area, in the city of Kafr El-Dawwar, in the Beheira Governorate. The clip showed a young man getting in the way of a girl and assaulting her, throwing her … Read more

Without an ounce of shame or shyness.. Handa Archil, the heroine of the series You Knock on My Door, admits to having intercourse with the hero.. several times during filming and explains that she has no regrets!

2022/09/17 It’s 08:20 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite The star of the Turkish series You Knock on My Door, Handa Archil, shocked her fans and followers through social media platforms with bold and exciting confessions. And Handa Archil said in her confession, that she had a real intimate relationship more than three times with … Read more