Plaza See error on the website customers demand that Plaza deliver the products they bought for 35 soles viral trend

An error registered at dawn on May 3 on the website of Plaza Vea suffered an error caused that several products such as televisions or cell phones will cost only S / 35, which was taken advantage of by several netizens. Now, before the company’s statement that the acquisitions will not be validated, customers have … Read more

Apex Legends discover trick to fly further with Valkyrie

Apex Legends, the battle royale from Respawn Entertainment, is enjoying a well-deserved increase in popularity. While back are the days when this game was reigned even above Fortnite, the arrival of its Season 9 is welcoming players who are returning after a long time and newbies who are enjoying this game for the first time, … Read more

Genshin Impact list of active codes as of May 1, 2021

Genshin Impact, the most successful creation of the Chinese developer miHoYo, continues to attract the attention of many players until now. After fulfilling their first six months Since its departure in September last year, the game shows no signs of being dethroned. In fact, the opposite happens as we saw a few days ago seeing … Read more

Fortnite gathers meat or peppers Week 7 VIDEO

Fortnite saw a few weeks ago the debut of his new Season 6 and with it a new set of epic and legendary challenges arrived. After the anomaly and the manifestation of the distortion of reality near Point Zero, the island was the most affected by this strange phenomenon that even had our participation to … Read more

Acapulco Shore 8 chapter 1 full TV Paramount Plus Streaming censored scenes jacky acapulco shore Reality via Izzi Dish SKy Participants Schedule Mexico CDMX MX

Acapulco Shore 8 premiered via MTV LATAM (Latin America). One of the most controversial reality shows in Latin America returned to the small screen with force, bringing new members. If you missed the start, here are some moments from chapter 1. The first episode is now available on the platform Paramount +. Acapulco Shore Season … Read more

Daily horoscope zodiac sign today Sunday April 25, 2021 what Josie Diez Canseco says about your sign Predictions 2021 FREE Tarot Peru Mexico Colombia United States Argentina

TODAY, Sunday, April 25, 2021, check the horoscope from Josie Diez Canseco and discover the best predictions for all Zodiac signs. This free horoscope shows you how the future will surprise you in love, work, health, money and more. Remember that you can follow it only in LIBERUS Everyday of the year. What zodiac sign … Read more

Free Fire When there will be a double recharge of diamonds

Free Fire It is still the most popular Battle Royale out there today, developed by Garena constantly updates that keep survivors on top of what’s new and cosmetic fixes. To get the skins, cosmetics, weapons and many things in the game, they can be obtained with gold, but not everything can be obtained this way. … Read more

Beto Ortiz Willax TV responds with harsh qualification to Zaira Arias congressman Peru free elections 2021 after discussion on Friday live VIDEO

On Monday’s edition of the program hosted by Beto Ortiz, which is emitted by the signal of Willax TV, the journalist spoke about the incident he had with Zaira arias from Peru Libre. While expressing his opinion and what he felt after the discussion on Friday, which went viral on social networks, the driver released … Read more

Patricio Parodi shares a meme of his face that went viral after the results of the Peru 2021 Elections Meme Patricio cries of impotence

Patrick Parodi, known reality boy and member of This is war, became trend in the last hours after sharing an image of him turned into a meme, this on the occasion of the 2021 general elections and the preliminary results. It happens that after making it known that Pedro Castillo Y Keiko Fujimori will go … Read more

Simple guide to catch Diggersby in Pokemon GO

Diggersby will be a featured Pokémon in the evento Spring into Springbut how can you catch it? Part of the Spring into Spring event, which runs from Sunday April 4 through Thursday April 8, is a collecting challenge. Most Pokémon players will need to catch it coinciding with the Easter theme, including Exeggutor, Azumarill, and … Read more