The interpreter’s lawsuit was interrupted by the interpreter

The criminal trial of Viking Sigyn’s captain, Yuri Chaplinszk, continued with a remote hearing and was interrupted in a few minutes. From Blikk’s reporting. The Mermaid cruise ship 28 Tragedy claiming fatalities The trial was interrupted by a judge on Wednesday because the interpreter was unfit. Hwan Sungja, one of the survivors of the disaster … Read more

Interpreter of Martín Elías had to kiss with his own sister-in-law – People – Culture

The last biographical production of the ‘Canal Caracol’ is’The Cacique’s son‘. The novel tells the private life and professional career of the deceased Martin Elijah, one of the most famous sons of Diomedes Diaz, who died in a traffic accident, in April 2017. (Read more: What happened to the inheritance of Martín Elías, the son … Read more

The case of Putin ‘s seductive interpreter. Who is the woman who was supposed to distract Trump?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has hired an attractive translator to “distract” President Donald Trump at the G20 summit. Former White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham wrote in a new book about her. I will now answer your questions) published The New York Times. 0:37 Putin’s interpreter can be challenging. The beauty was supposed to distract Trump. … Read more

“Don’t give me to eat three times a day, give only once, but bring my family”, asks Afghan interpreter brought by Portugal – Observer

Ahmad Zaid worked for almost three years as an interpreter for the Portuguese forces in Afghanistan and this was his safe-conduct to flee the country, but now he lives in an “excruciating” situation and one of permanent suffering for the family he left there. “I don’t remember how long ago I arrived in Portugal, I’m … Read more

PSM Humiliated by the Key Interpreter Team, Supporters Call Defenders Weak and Strikers Lacking Gacor

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM, BEKASI – PSM Makassar got a bad result in the fifth week League 1 Indonesia 2021/2022. Facing PS caretaker team Barito Putera, PSM fell 2-0. This defeat is the first for foster children Milomir Seslija. The poor performance of the defense and the lack of gacor in the front row are considered the main … Read more

The last Frisian interpreter disappears from the Leeuwarden court: ‘Government does not want to negotiate the rate’ Don’t miss these stories

,,You simply have Frisians who really don’t get their words in Dutch”, says Fedde Dijkstra from Wirdum. He is a certified interpreter Frisian and interpreter German, and he has been doing the work for years. He is a well-known face in Frisian law. But now he stops sitting in Friesland, and that hurts him. Because … Read more

A parrot, Beyoncé fan, interpreter “If I Were a Boy” … like no one else (video)

It’s been a year since a parrot at a UK wildlife park stunned crowds by singing one of the biggest hits of Beyoncé. Chico, the yellow-crowned Amazon parrot, performs daily for his fans at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. The images of his version of the tube R&B of 2008 of Beyoncé – If I Were … Read more

An interpreter helped several people cross the border illegally – BNN

At the beginning of August this year, the officials of the State Border Guard launched criminal proceedings against an interpreter who provided groups of persons who had crossed the Belarusian-Latvian border illegally with the opportunity to stay illegally in the Republic of Latvia. On Friday, August 6, State Border Guard officers, during an inspection of … Read more

The border guard reveals an interpreter who has illegally helped to cross the Latvian-Belarusian border

Krišjānis Kariņš, Minister of the Interior Marija Golubeva and Chief of the State Border Guard General Guntis Pujāts visited the eastern border of Latvia Photo: State Border Guard A short time ago, the border guard informed the ReTV News Service that criminal proceedings had been initiated against an interpreter who had provided interpreter services to … Read more