Ks Bloom intervenes after the pool controversy – La Nouvelle Tribune

The Ivorian gospel artist KS Bloom stepped up to speak out on the controversy that arose following the baptism of the Beninese Fanicko. Indeed, a few hours ago, the author of “Grooming” unveiled on his Facebook page the images of the ceremony of his baptism which consecrates his entry into the “family of the children … Read more

Prevent New Great War in Asia, Putin Intervenes

International Tommy Patrio SorongCNBC Indonesia News Friday, 26/05/2023 08:20 WIB Pictured: Russian President Vladimir Putin waves with a smile while attending Russia’s Victory Day in Moscow, Russia, Tuesday (9/5/2023). (Getty Images) Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russian President Vladimir Putin took on the role of being a mediator and initiator of peace in the Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict. … Read more

he intervenes in a couple’s argument and receives three hammer blows

It’s a couple’s argument that could have turned into a tragedy. Saturday evening, an individual wishes to have a discussion with his partner. The exchanges are obviously very animated. Too animated. A person then decides to intervene. Furious to see a third person intervene, the couple’s man grabbed a hammer and struck his victim three … Read more

De Graaf intervenes after ‘unacceptable’ Roda performance in Breda

“I addressed the group about what I saw in Breda in the first half, and that I don’t want to see that again,” says De Graaf, who thought his team made a lame impression there and was therefore not surprised that Roda a 3-1 deficit went into halftime. “You always have to want to get … Read more

The police intervene at the home of Frédéric Lepoint, sentenced to 22 years in prison for the assassination of his wife in Quévy: he has just been arrested!

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Putin’s Allies Threatened with War in Asia, Russia Intervenes

International lucCNBC Indonesia News Wednesday, 26/04/2023 13:10 WIB Pictured: Demonstration against the agreement to stop fighting over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, in Freedom Square in Yerevan, Armenia, Wednesday, November 11, 2020. (AP / Dmitri Lovetsky) Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Tensions between Russia’s two neighbors in Asia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, forced Russia to defuse tensions that could … Read more

After a series of violent incidents, NS intervenes again: more security personnel in trains and at stations | Interior

The Dutch Railways will recruit extra staff to further increase the social safety of employees and travelers on the railway. Last weekend there were again several violent incidents to regret. The number of Safety & Service employees will be increased by 10 percent in the near future, it has been agreed with the railway unions. … Read more

Feyenoord intervenes after lighter incident: entire field is shielded with nets | Football

07 apr 2023 om 17:17Update: een dag geleden Feyenoord decided on Friday to shield the entire field with nets during the remaining Eredivisie matches of this season. Coming Sunday, the nets will already be set up for the duel with RKC Waalwijk. The club is forced to take the measure after the announcement by the … Read more

Ledure: “Disqualification Lukaku a wrong signal, the FIGC intervenes because…”

The lawyer Sebastien Ledure spoke to Tuttosport about the disqualification imposed on Romelu Lukaku Yesterday the official disqualification of Romelu Lukaku arrived for the double yellow card received against Juventus. The lawyer Sebastien Ledure, who looks after the interests of Big Rom, spoke to Tuttosport: «It is really unfortunate that what has already happened in … Read more

Bad Bunny intervenes in WWE and receives harsh punishment

Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny took a barrage of blows after helping Mystery King to triumph over his son Dominik, precisely by preventing him from hitting him with an iron chain. The ‘bad rabbit’ came as a guest commentator at WrestleMania and caught the attention of American wrestling fans. It was not the only ones … Read more