PMU race interviews, Thursday, in Vincennes (R-1). Review by Marc Moes

Marc Moes (photo)son of the Belgian coach Daniel Moss refers to the candidacy of JACO THE GREAT (215) aligned in the Vienna-Krieau PrizeThursday at Vincenens (R-1) (By Stephane Davy) : “For his debut at Vincennes, and on the Grande Piste, at the beginning of the month, I was expecting a good race from the horse. … Read more

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. A love that waited 20 years – SO Magazyn – so pretty, so unique, so good

Jennifer Lopez 26.01.2023 There is a popular saying that you cannot step into the same river twice. Because after all, if we consciously parted ways, it’s obvious that we just weren’t meant for each other. But the story of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shows that sometimes it’s worth giving yourself – and love – … Read more

Semafor sells Verizon’s sponsorship of a series of text interviews

Semaphore, the emerging global digital news publisher, is expanding one of its signature editorial series with a sponsorship. Verizon, one of Semafor’s launch sponsors, will sponsor an expanded feature of its newsletter called “One Good Text.” The series, which featured a Semaphore reporter pitching a question to a politician, business executive or other influential person, … Read more

PMU race interviews, Tuesday, in Cagnes-sur-Mer (R-1). David Alexandre delivers his information on

David Alexandre will have several starters on Tuesday at Cagnes-sur-Mer (R-1). He tells us about it (By Stephane Davy). “IVALIO (303) remains on a series of squares. Last Wednesday, at Vivaux, he was forced to turn thick before stretching out to finish. He narrowly failed for the win. It presents itself in a close way … Read more

PMU race results, Thursday, in Toulouse. New winner at 16/1 for the Interviews

Contacted by our journalist Stéphane Davy, Joel Guillemin had indicated about his protege JO DE CAZOULENE : “It will be his debut in the discipline. He went out for walks with the saddle on his back. It was not unpleasant. In my eyes, he has the potential to stand out at this level of competition.” … Read more

Pmu race interviews – Eight starters for Nils Pacha on Tuesday, in Toulouse (R-4). The news…

Nils Pacha (photo) will delegate no less than eight starters, Tuesday, in Toulouse (R-4). Notre journalist Stephane Davy the encounter. Verbatim. “KILLIAN DU CHATELET (110) is new. He’s a decent colt. The idea is to make him take his first gains but this early race will be necessary for him. I’ll be on my side … Read more

Succession of the Atlantique 2: the DGA notified two studies to Airbus and Dassault

As part of the future replacement program for the French Navy’s Atlantique 2 maritime patrol aircraft, the Directorate General for Armaments announced that it had notified two system architecture studies on December 22. As expected, they were awarded to Airbus Defense and Space and Dassault Aviation, the two aircraft manufacturers positioning themselves on this project … Read more

Conducting interviews with former aides to Biden in the context of the investigation about classified documents.. and appointing a special counsel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Two informed sources revealed, in statements to CNN, that several people associated with US President Joe Biden have been interviewed as part of the Justice Department’s investigation into the discovery of classified documents, since he was former vice president. Barack Obama. The group includes former aides to Biden when … Read more

Prince Harry’s interviews rock the world: The most important things we learned from them | Names

After 38 years of having his story told by other people, he “finally felt it was a good time to tell it myself,” Harry says in his book, published Tuesday by Random House. The interviews, which appeared on Britain’s ITV and America’s 60 Minutes on CBS, were not the first in which Harry has spoken … Read more

3 years ascetic, dressed in scarlet robes in studio; Different methods of Keeravani, says Chitra

MM Keeravani, who is emerging as the proud star of the country in the light of the Golden Globe award, has an unbreakable connection with Malayalam and Malayalam singers. Keeravani has mostly used Vanambadi KS Chitra as the female voice in his songs. Keeravani taught songs by acting out the meaning of Telugu song lyrics … Read more