“I have an intimate affair with Chita”: Adie, deemed too close to the chimpanzee, is permanently banned from Antwerp Zoo

She was kissing Chita through the glass: “Not good for Chita or the group of monkeys.”, according to the zoo. Sébastien Ponciau Published on 09-22-2022 at 8:13 p.m – Updated 23-09-2022 at 09:25 ©ZOO Anvers/Jonas Verhulst Access to the Antwerp zoo has just been definitively refused to Adie, one of its subscribers. A first ! … Read more

NBA: Boston suspends coach Ime Udoka, he would have had a “consensual and intimate” affair with a member of his staff

ESPN and The Athletic reported earlier Thursday that the 45-year-old coach allegedly had a “consensual and intimate” affair with a member of his staff in violation of franchise regulations and code of conduct. “A decision regarding his future with the Celtics beyond this season will be made at a later date,” Boston said. The punishment, … Read more

Shirley Arica after an alleged intimate video: “It’s not me, I’ve always taken care of my intimate life” | entertainment | SHOWS

Shirley Arica She used her social networks to be outraged after an alleged intimate video of hers went viral. The popular “Reality Girl” assured that she is not the protagonist of the clip and announced that she will take legal action to reach those responsible who have tarnished her honor. MIRA: Rodrigo fires Giuliana’s notary … Read more

Not Just Trigger HIV and AIDS, Here Are 4 Medical Reasons Why Free Sex or Unhealthy Intimate Relationships Are Dangerous!

JURNAL SPREANG – It’s no secret if free sex or sexual intercourse it’s not healthy to have a number of risk dangerous that threaten the health of the body. It’s not just a ban on social and religious norms, it turns out to be glasses medical also rate free sex or sexual intercourse Unhealthy has … Read more

VIDEO: The day Gerard Piqué confessed that he preferred football to being intimate with Shakira

Written in CELEBRITIES the 18/9/2022 · 07:03 hs Since Shakira confirmed his break with Gerard Piqué began to relive some of the most controversial of your relationship, such as the day you The soccer player confessed that he preferred soccer to being intimate with the mother of his two children; statements that currently throw him … Read more

He is intimate with his “wife” and takes his two “children” to the park

A passionate kiss stopped traffic and caught the attention of passers-by in Patio Bonito, a traditional neighborhood in southern Bogotá. Cristian Montenegro stared at her wife, Natalia, held her in her arms and just before her lips touched hers, made with Styrofoam, he said: “That’s how I dreamed of the woman perfect”. Natalia seems to … Read more

“House of the Dragon” Emily Carey, her sex scene in episode four and what she thinks about intimate coordinators

In just a few days, we will be able to say that we have seen half of the first season of “House of the Dragon” (House of the Dragon), because on Monday, September 19, the fifth episode will be broadcast. Unwanted wedding and bloodshed in the fifth episode of “Home of the Dragon” What the … Read more

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A photographer documents intimate moments gathering Emirati women with their falcons in a tradition dating back 4,000 years

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– Falconry has been known in the Arab region for 4,000 years, and was an important form of hunting for Bedouins in a land scarce with natural resources, according to the official website of the UAE Ministry of Culture and Youth. While Emirati women challenge stereotypes in various fields, they are … Read more

SHOCKING Facts of Putri Candrawati’s Report, Thighs Touched to Intimate Organs and Breasts

TRIBUN-MEDAN.com – From the start, Putri Candrawati, Ferdy Sambo’s wife, admitted that she had been harassed by Brigadier J. A number of groundless accusations were made against Brigadier J, who was killed by Ferdy Sambo CS. Not only harassed, Putri Candrawati also admitted that she was threatened with a gun by Brigadier J. It is … Read more