Relationship between food intolerance, IBS and quality of life

Food intolerance is associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anxiety, depression and reduced health-related quality of life. This is the conclusion of an American study recently published in Clinical Gastroenterology Hepatology. Little is known about the influence of different types of food intolerance on gastrointestinal symptoms and quality of life. The aim of this observational … Read more

BNPT’s Message Ahead of the 2024 Election: Intolerance is Similar to the Ideology of Terrorism

Jakarta – National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) reminding about the dangers of negative campaigns to be intolerant ahead of Election 2024. Both things are called similar to terrorism. This was conveyed by the Head of BNPT Komjen Boy Rafli during the Nusantara Cultural Parade which was held in the Sarinah area, Central Jakarta. He assessed … Read more

Facts about high school teachers in Jakarta allegedly prevent non-Muslim students from becoming student council presidents

Jakarta – The alleged case of intolerance in a high school in North Jakarta (Jakut) was carried out by a guru initials E. It is known, guru The request that the head of the student council of his school should not be non-Muslim. This report was received by DKI Jakarta DPRD member Imam Mahdiah who … Read more

THE BALL – Intolerance at Estoril-FC Porto: fans threatened by the Super Dragons (Estoril)

Suspects of the practice of acts of intolerance towards two FC Porto fans in the game against Estoril, on Saturday, at António Coimbra da Mota, already identified by the Guarda Nacional Republicana, are being threatened by the Super Dragons, the Porto fans, who also already know their identity, through personal social networks. “A person I … Read more

Mattia Sorbi: “In my room at the Kherson hospital the Russian oppressor and Ukrainian intolerance”

I was hospitalized for two weeks in the hospital civilian of Kherson, city occupied by the Russians, two soldiers at the entrance with Kalashnikovs and Ukrainian personnel inside, at least an hour of daily bombing in the background. One day a nurse stopped telling me “hilarious” and started saying “dyakuyu”, again thanks but in Ukrainian. … Read more

Intolerance Action in Jakarta School, Teacher Forbids Students to Choose Non-Muslim Student Council Chairs to Force Students to Wear Hijabs Page all

JAKARTA, – The PDI-P faction of the DKI Jakarta DPRD revealed that there were allegations of a number of actions intolerant in 10 public schools in the capital city. Based on the records of the PDI-P faction, the intolerant actions took the form of a ban on choosing non-Muslim student council leaders to forcing … Read more

these are the symptoms of intolerance

Textile allergy, a type of dermatitis that occurs in contact with clothing, is increasingly common. Here are some symptoms of intolerance Tessuti (Pixabay Photo) L’allergy to fabrics, also known in medical language as contact dermatitis, occurs in contact with fabrics such as clothing, towels or sheets. It is a pathology more and more widespread in … Read more

How does Saad Al-Shehri deal with intolerance… And what is the Spaniard’s story?

Saad Al-Shehri, coach of the Saudi Olympic team, revealed that he deals realistically with tendencies and intolerance, stressing that he wants to work in clubs after the end of his contract after the Paris 2024 Olympics. Al-Shehri won the U-23 Asian Cup with the Olympic team in Uzbekistan earlier this week, after defeating the host … Read more

Ade Armando Momentum Beating Ends Violence With Intolerance Dimensions

loading… Members of the police evacuate the chairman of the Indonesian Movement for All (PIS) Ade Armando from the April 11 protest mass at the DPR building area, Jakarta, Monday (11/4/2022). FOTO/MPI/ALDHI CANDRA JAKARTA – The Network of Lecturers and Alumni of Higher Education in Indonesia condemns acts of violence against teachers at the University … Read more

What Does Lactose Intolerance Look Like? Here’s Doctor Adam Prabata’s explanation

SANGALU-Often bloated or diarrhea after drink milk? Could be you lactose intolerance. According to Doctor Adam Prabata, lactose intolerance is problem which occurs in 65 percent population in this world. Condition lactose intolerancesaid the Doctor Adam Prabata is problem digestionwhere the body is unable to digest lactose due to a lack of production of enzymes … Read more