Intriguing fossil reptile offers clues to the origin of snakes and lizards

Twenty years after its discovery in Argentina, paleontologists have described in detail a 231.4-million-year-old fossil of a lepidosaurus. This animal has characteristics that place it before the division between lizards, snakes and sphenodonts (a branch of reptiles that today includes only strangers tuátara). The fossilized skull recently underwent a CT scan and an interdisciplinary team … Read more

Intriguing Optibet Summer League – live on Delfi and Delfi TV

The summer basketball tournament, organized for the first time last year and held in Kėdainiai, is moving to the capital this year. In the Jeep arena for 13 thousand. The main prize of EUR 1 million will be won by 6 teams, which will not lack well-known names in the basketball world. Brothers Darjušas and … Read more

NASA’s James Webb Telescope will explore an intriguing neighboring planetary system

Published: 24 Jul 2021 04:59 GMT Beta Pictoris has at least two planets, a set of rocky bodies, and a disk of dust. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is about to study a neighboring planetary system that is approximately 20 million years old and about 63 light-years from Earth. ad the space agency this Wednesday. … Read more

NASA helicopter on Mars spots intriguing terrain to explore Perseverance rover

NASA’s innovative helicopter on Mars captured this image of the trajectories plotted by the Persevering Rover on its ninth flight on July 5. Part of the helicopter’s landing gear is visible at the top left. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech Ingenuity’s ninth flight provided imagery that will help the Perseverance rover team develop their science plan … Read more

Marvel unveils intriguing and exhilarating first images from the What If …?

Just under a week before the series’ first season finale airs Loki, Disney unveils, this Thursday, July 8, the first trailer for the most recent series from Marvel Studios entitled What If…?. An overview that you can discover at the bottom of the article. As the title suggests, the vibrantly styled new animated series takes … Read more