Fully charge a smartphone wirelessly in 19 minutes! Xiaomi introduced wireless charging at 80W

One of “Battlefields” lately, as far as smartphone makers go fast charge. And the next step in this phase is done now Xiaomi, who announced that his news -no cables in fact- charging solution in 80W outperforms any competitor. The method used by the manufacturer and the designation. “Technology wireless charging 80W Mi ” can … Read more

FIFA 21: Introduced FIFA 21; be released on October 9 and these are the editions and their price

FIFA 21 Electronic Arts revealed all the details This Thursday Electronic Arts presented the new FIFA 21 game which will go on sale next October 9, this game has caused a lot of sensation during this pandemic due to Covid-19 and was released this day for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and the next generation: … Read more

Coinbase introduced a cancer to the crypto industry and its users are paying it dearly

Determining when to buy in cryptocurrencies or in any market is a difficult task. Investors eager to DeFi they learned this the hard way if they rushed to buy Yearn.Finance (YFI) at the time it was listed in Coinbase. From that point on, it has been nothing but a disadvantage ever since, leaving anyone who … Read more

Windows 95: 25 years ago Microsoft introduced its operating system for personal computers

25 years ago, Windows 95 was released, an operating system that marked a before and after in the personal computer market for the company co-founded by Bill Gates Source: Reuters Microsoftis celebrating because this Monday, August 24 are fulfilled 25 years the launch of one of the most anticipated operating systems, Windows 95, the version … Read more

Zebra Technologies Introduced Mobile Computers to Empower Field Work

Zebra Technologies Corporation introduced its new rugged mobile computers TC21/TC26, based on the Android 10 operating system, which have an integrated scanner, high-quality voice transmission, different wireless connectivity options and the toolkit Mobility DNA to improve the productivity and efficiency of workers in retail, transport and logistics (T&L), field or road work and warehouses. “These … Read more

The US abolishes customs duties on imports of aluminum from Canada introduced in August

In August, Trump justified the imposition of tariffs on the need to protect domestic industry from growing imports from Canada. However, the USTR said on Tuesday that supplies of Canadian aluminum were returning to normal levels. He warned that he could restore tariffs if these supplies increased again. Washington originally introduced 10 percent tariffs on … Read more

Will AA Gent be introduced to the Rapid-Viertelstunde tonight? | Champions League

Tonight AA Gent will play all or nothing in the third Champions League preliminary round. Rapid Wien is the opponent in the Ghelamco Arena. We serve you 5 facts about the Austrian vice and record champion. 1. Rapid did win last weekend While AA Gent suffered a 4th season defeat in Eupen on Friday-evening, Rapid … Read more

Maserati introduced the MC20. It will be faster and will reach 4.7 million

The brand with the trident in the emblem introduced its new supercar after 15 years. The new Maserati MC20 will cost at least $ 210,000 (4.7 million crowns). The latest model of the Maserati MC12 supercar cost almost $ 800,000, but the car ceased production in 2005. Thanks to the lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum … Read more