Paz Cornú criticized Stefi Roitman’s stunning look at a gala: “She looks like a hottie”

sharp-tongued, the fashion designer Peace Cornu went to intruders to thoroughly analyze the looks of celebrities at the gala For you and was lapidary with Stefi Roitmaninfluencer who criticized him from the dress to the sandals. With the photo of Roitman on the screen, Paz criticized the stunning blue dress, with a huge tulle skirt, … Read more

Marcela Tauro targeted Tini Stoessel after the separation of Rodrigo de Paul and Camila Homs

Marcela Taurus pointed against Tini Stoessel in intruders after the controversy separation of Rodrigo de Paul and Camila Homs. “He is to blame but the woman also chooses to go out with someone who is engaged and who has just become a fatherwhy would she not be responsible? ”Said the panelist without filters. Thus, Taurus … Read more

Dead Moskita | In “Intruders” they spoke without a filter about “privileges” in “The Hotel of the Famous”: “There was anger because they began to realize that…”

“The Hotel of the Famous” continues to make people talk and, due to the strong controversy that was generated by the hostile environment of the reality show, today in “Intruders” they opened another chapter by talking about alleged privileges that some participants would have. It was Maite Peñoñori who revealed: “There are many participants who … Read more

The unexpected signs of Jorge Ibáñez and the mother of Florencia de la V that broke the driver in full live of Intruders

Florence of the V lived a very emotional moment in “intruders“(América TV), because Noelia Pace, who is a medium, sensitive and astrologer, transmitted messages to her from her mother, Sabina Baez, and his great friend, the fashion designer Jorge Ibanez. After Marcela Taurus I’ll ask you if you ever Jorge Ibanez had given her some … Read more

Luciano Castro had a great gesture with Sabrina Rojas when he introduced Tucu López to his children

Sabrina Rojas told during his visit to intruders the great gesture he had Luciano Castro when he decided to introduce the tucu lopez to their children in common, Esperanza y Fausto. “The first time Tucu came home I told Luciano, I told him ‘look, he’s coming to meet the kids’who was a friend to them”, … Read more

Rocío Marengo, furious against Intruders: “They dirty and defame”

An unusual controversy between two continents broke out when Dew Marengo confessed to having lived a love affair with Kiko Riverasinger and best known for being the son of Isabel Pantoja. intruders made a duplex with the Spanish cycle Save me and the spicy comments of the journalists of both cycles ended with the model … Read more

The looks of 2 intruders during a student demonstration, they gang up on the police and claim to be journalists Reporter, Fandi Permana TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – A student demonstration in front of the DPR building, Central Jakarta on Monday (11/4/2022) was marred by chaos by a group of provocateurs. The demonstration was not only attended by students but also the general public. Hundreds of people were arrested from the demonstration which was held in … Read more

Julieta Prandi said that she already lives with Emanuel Ortega: “Everything flows naturally”

madly in love with Emmanuel Ortega, Julieta Prandi revealed that already they are living together. A year and a half after dating, were encouraged to further join their families betting on coexistence. Very happy, Juli remarked that this decision was made “naturally”. “In our relationship, things happened naturally and we live in the present.” “We … Read more