Ikea presents an invention that turns your living room table into a wireless charging base

No more table manners! Ikea presents a new invention that will allow your living room table, beyond fulfilling its conventional function, allow to charge our mobile phone or any device that allows wireless charging. Forget about charging bases, portable batteries and other inventions to charge your mobile phones and other devices, since just by placing … Read more

Geobacter, the Electric Powered Bacteria, Now Has Its Switch Found – All Pages

Nationalgeographic.co.id—Deep beneath the seabed, found bacteria little one that “blows” electricity through a long, small snorkel. Now, scientists have figured out how to turn your breath on and off electricity these microbes. Bacteria This weirdness relies on two proteins, which are united in one so -called hair -like structure pilus (Latin for hair; plural: Pili). … Read more

Get to know 5 Muslim scientists of the world and their discoveries

At present, it seems that the Western world has become a mecca of modernity from various aspects, from the fields of medicine, politics, technology, astronomy, and other sciences. But make no mistake, the Arab region and the Middle East used to produce scientists who contributed to various fields. .

Investigating the World’s Oldest Sperm Spill, It’s 100 Million Years Old

He Wang & Xiangdong Zhao An international research team has announced the discovery of the world’s oldest animal sperm. Nationalgeographic.co.id—The research team announced that they had found sperm oldest animal in the world. Scientists found sperm aged 100 million years in a piece of resin that hardened when giants like Spinosaurus (the largest dinosaur of … Read more

Goodbye broken display on the phone! The invention that could revolutionize the industry

If you lose your phone and the display breaks, there are usually two options: replace it or change the phone altogether. Both options come with considerable costs.This may change soon. Scientists at the University of California, Riverside, have been able to obtain a material that could represent a third opt: a screen that can repair … Read more

Korean Intellectual Property Office launches ‘Invention City’, a functional mobile game for invention learning

The Korean Intellectual Property Office announced on the 22nd that it would release and distribute for free, a functional mobile game ‘Invention City’ for youth invention learning. ‘Invention City’, which was developed so that teenagers familiar with the digital environment can easily understand and experience inventions through games, can be downloaded and used from Google … Read more

A clamp on your teeth to lose weight: invention university …

Foto: Twitter Otago University The University of Otago in New Zealand is receiving a lot of criticism with their latest invention: the Dentalslim. This device, although more like a torture device, clamps the teeth together so that wearers can’t open their mouths more than two centimeters. According to the university, it is the ideal way … Read more

New Discovery Shows Baby Dinosaurs Once Hatched in the Arctic

The Prince Creek Formation in northern Alaska, where the fossils were found, is “the furthest north the dinosaurs have ever seen”, according to researcher Gregory Erickson, a paleobiologist at Florida State University. “I don’t think it’s possible for them to stay further north,” he said. “Because what is now called Alaska shifted closer to the … Read more

He thought the coronavirus was an invention, and loses his wife dead from Covid-19

If one still needed an example of the danger of false information … A man from Florida, convinced that the coronavirus was only an invention, lost his wife this month, who died of Covid-19, as reported by BBC. Brian Lee Hitchens and his wife Erin, originally from Florida, were not following health guidelines. None of … Read more