Xiaomi invests in a decoration firm in order to strengthen its products for the home – Xiaomi News

While Xiaomi has always focused on its smartphones, its smart home products seem to be increasingly present. An infinity of gadgets of all kinds and a fairly broad business in general that the firm would be looking to strengthen after your last stock purchase. And it is that, as they anticipate us from Gizmochina, Xiaomi … Read more

Education, health and environmental conservation: Dangote invests in sustainable development

Dangote cement Senegal (Dcs) is in the era of sustainable development. The third cement plant in Senegal is investing in the field of education, health and the environment in the municipalities of its area of ​​establishment. “Sustainable development, for us, means meeting our present needs without compromising the possibility of future generations being able to … Read more

LoL: Riot Invests In Former Blizzard Employees For A New RTS Set In League of Legends?

Genre lovers RTS they should be pointing the name of Frost Giant Studios. The exiled talent of Activision-Blizzard has set to work to come together and create a new real-time strategy game in which they hope to revive a genre that has long awaited its glory days. Developers have already raised more than 4.7 million … Read more

Sony invests in Epic Games and speculations arise

On July 9, Sony made public its investment of USD 250 million in Epic Games, acquiring 1.4% of the company.. Both companies referred to the deal as a way to nurture an already close working relationship when it comes to cutting-edge technology, entertainment and social services connected via the internet. The investment gave way to … Read more

Sony invests 250 million dollars in Epic Games because in it it sees the future of gaming, concerts and even cinema

It is abundantly clear that Epic Games is going to play an important role in the next generation of games. Not only ‘Fortnite‘is taking giant steps in terms of growth and ambition, Y it will clearly be part of the online landscape also in the next generation of consoles. Is that Epic Games is the creator of potentísimo motor Unreal Engine 5, whose presentation stunned industry and fans a few weeks ago.

That presentation, although it made it clear that it was valid for all platforms, It was shown on a Playstation 5, in a mutual support between both giants of video games very clear. Now, that support is strengthened with the announcement by Epic and Sony that the Japanese company has invested 250 million dollars in the creators of ‘Fortnite’. As they have reported in a press release, “The investment strengthens the already close relationship between the two companies, and reinforces the common purpose of progressing in terms of technology, entertainment and socially connected online services.”

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Square invests $ 50 million in bitcoin for its future “potential”

Photo: archive US mobile payments company Square announced Thursday that it has invested $ 50 million in the cryptocurrency bitcoin for its “potential to become an extended currency in the future.” In a statement, the company led by the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, revealed that it has bought 4,709 bitcoins with a long-term investment … Read more

Square, the company of Twitter CEO, invests $ 50 million in Bitcoin – BeInCrypto

Jack Dorsey, the popular CEO of Twitter and who has demonstrated countless times his predilection for Bitcoin, has finally decided to enter the market with force by putting 50 million dollars in BTC with Square. Is the great whale competition starting? While Grayscale is becoming one of the largest Bitcoin funds in the world and … Read more

Epic Games invests heavily in the Core Games platform

One of the most interesting platforms that has passed under the table of the gamer community is Core Games. Designed as a mix between the services offered by YouTube or Twitch together with the independent development of video games, opening a direct door for designers and players to share a space simultaneously. Through the use … Read more

Binance invests $ 5 million in BNB for BUIDL program in Smart Chain – BeInCrypto

Binance has launched the BUIDL rewards program in an attempt to attract further dApp development on the Binance Smart Chain. Binance has invested $ 5 million of BNB in ​​the project. This is part of Binance’s largest venture, a $ 100 million injection into a DeFi accelerator fund that aims to connect DeFi with centralized … Read more