Gift books: a bike cart invites you to exchange titles in a Buenos Aires square

While the pandemic forces to seek refuge in the open air, the squares are installed as territory for cultural activities and in this range original initiatives arise, such as the bike-bookstore “Pedaleo”, a project that promotes the exchange and gift of books in a square in the porteño neighborhood of Villa Urquiza and that seeks … Read more

Joss Favela invites Jessi Uribe to be ‘The student’

The multi-award winning Mexican singer-songwriter Joss Favela invited fellow Colombian singer-songwriter Jessi Uribe to be part of his new release “El alum”, a hymn to heartbreak with a pinch of mischief and nostalgia, which will be released together with his official video clip on the platform of YouTube videos. The union of two great exponents … Read more

Anti-mask Actor Invites You To Pray For The United States On New Years Eve •

Views: 19 0 0 Reading time:1 Minute (s), 16 Seconds Despite health advice and the continued rise in coronavirus infections in the United States, The new year brought with it the insistence on the part of some to meet to celebrate, although the main absence was maskas this event is hosted by actor Kirk Cameron … Read more

Anti-mask actor invites to pray for the US at New Year’s meeting

Despite health recommendations and the unstoppable growth of coronavirus infections in the United States, The New Year brought with it an insistence on the part of some to get together to celebrate it, although the main absentee was the mask, as in this event convened by actor Kirk Cameron on the beach in Malibu, California … Read more

The Islamic Rally of Senegal alerts national opinion and invites the Head of State to reaffirm Senegal’s position on homosexuality.

It is through a declaration that the Islamic Rally of Senegal (RIS), through the voice of their President, Pope Matar Kébé, alerts the national opinion on the integration in the curricula, of the principles of sexuality education and reproductive health for children from 05 to 18 years old. To this end, the organization denounces the … Read more

Darian invites you to live the experience of studying music from home

Lima Peru.-. The young singer-songwriter Darian invites all people of different ages, both national and international, to live an unforgettable experience of studying music from their homes in these times through which the world passes through the COVID-19 pandemic to be part of Prom Music & Art Acedemy, where they have an outstanding team of … Read more


Beaches of Rosarito, Baja California; Tuesday, December 22, 2020.- The Government of Playas de Rosarito, chaired by Araceli Brown Figueredo, through the Municipal Youth Institute (IMJUVER), invites those interested to participate in the course “Marketing for Entrepreneurs and SMEs: Actions and Tools ”. The director of the institution, Israel Durán Natera, explained that, in response … Read more

Ryuu Lavitz, with fiery cosplay invites us to capture his Pokémon

Next year will be a great one for Pokémon; The company of Nintendo will celebrate 25 years of being in the market. Endless celebrations will take place for this great year, but fans have already started their own. And is that Pokémon It is a franchise that has been present in the collective for at … Read more

I can’t advance in the game and Blizzard invites me to visit wowhead – General

Mission: CORRUPT MUCLEOSProblem: I was in a group doing it, but he would not let me complete the part of the stone, and neither did the group. I left the mission and now I don’t even show up. Can you fix it? Thank you! Solution provided by blizzard: xxxxxxxxxxxHello, xxxxxxxxx, and thank you for contacting … Read more

Casa Azul del Arte invites you to know the new and last virtual exhibition of the year made by Elenco de Vestuario

<!– Incluir libreria justo antes de –> SThere are various efforts made by the Casa Azul del Arte to stay current and continue providing art and culture to the Magellan community. As in previous opportunities, the renowned educational venue dedicated to art, offers citizens an exhibition, in order to learn about the work of the … Read more