People received invoices for electricity and gas. A real cut. 60 thousand per month. Where should I take it?

Many people have so far perceived the situation with energy prices in a very distorted way. They enjoyed the benefits of fixed tariffs, or catch-up prices in contracts for an indefinite period. It could thus seem that the increase in the price of electricity and gas does not concern them. But that is not and … Read more

Unpaid invoices, phony excuses, incomplete management: the organizers of the Verdur festival have a bad reputation

Stéphane Delory, manager of “Life4Life”, a technical operator based in Gembloux, also had a bad experience at Le Verdur. “We provided lighting for the site in 2018 but we have never been paid for this invoice. We were supposed to do 2019 but we had made our service conditional on payment of the invoice from … Read more

Christian Nodal saves the invoices for the gifts he gave Belinda

A few months ago, the renowned Mexican singer Christian Nodal He announced that his romantic relationship with the singer and actress Belinda had ended. These were revealed by the singer after his ex-partner’s mother, Belinda Schull, published messages on her Instagram account, allegedly directed at Nodal. “Do you think I can fix my teeth this … Read more

Superbonus, credit transfer and discount on invoices, banks will now be freer to operate: here’s why

There will be a code to guarantee the traceability of the assignments of the tax credits of the bonuses related to the house and it will be possible to assign even a single installment. The banks will then be able to pass on the credits already purchased in a decidedly more free way, even if … Read more

Dedoles dismisses and fails to repay invoices

In 2018, the first online clothing retailer, Dedoles, set out to produce its own original fashion, it reported sales of six million euros. Two years later, sales hit 50 million euros. An advertisement with dancing hamsters, which became a viral hit, also played a role. The brand’s popularity rose and sales rose sharply. Like other … Read more

NOS charges 80 cents for paying invoices in person

Deco – Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor (Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection) reported this Tuesday that it had denounced ANACOM that consumers in NOS Comunicações stores have been charged an amount of 80 cents for paying invoices in person. In a statement, the association says it has received complaints from consumers who have … Read more

So that drivers don’t have hard bread. The Czech startup 4Trans helps carriers manage, it has already financed invoices for more than half a billion

Source: 4Trans Fintech startup 4Trans, backed by Jaroslav Ton Jr., Alexandr Lagazzi and Vlastimil Hrach, solves the problems of European road hauliers. He provides them with financial advice, facilities on the road, monitors invoices for them and helps them with business It thus responds to the lack of support for SME logistics by banks and … Read more

Affair with the Pegasus system. NIK disclosed invoices for “purchase of special technology measures”

The invoice is issued to the Matic company, which, as indicated in 2019 by “Puls Biznesu”, was to act as an intermediary in the purchase of the system by the Polish services The TVN24 journalist also published a letter from the head of the CBA Ernest Bejda to Zbigniew Ziobro. It is a request to … Read more