Dedoles dismisses and fails to repay invoices

In 2018, the first online clothing retailer, Dedoles, set out to produce its own original fashion, it reported sales of six million euros. Two years later, sales hit 50 million euros. An advertisement with dancing hamsters, which became a viral hit, also played a role. The brand’s popularity rose and sales rose sharply. Like other … Read more

NOS charges 80 cents for paying invoices in person

Deco – Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor (Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection) reported this Tuesday that it had denounced ANACOM that consumers in NOS Comunicações stores have been charged an amount of 80 cents for paying invoices in person. In a statement, the association says it has received complaints from consumers who have … Read more

So that drivers don’t have hard bread. The Czech startup 4Trans helps carriers manage, it has already financed invoices for more than half a billion

Source: 4Trans Fintech startup 4Trans, backed by Jaroslav Ton Jr., Alexandr Lagazzi and Vlastimil Hrach, solves the problems of European road hauliers. He provides them with financial advice, facilities on the road, monitors invoices for them and helps them with business It thus responds to the lack of support for SME logistics by banks and … Read more

Affair with the Pegasus system. NIK disclosed invoices for “purchase of special technology measures”

The invoice is issued to the Matic company, which, as indicated in 2019 by “Puls Biznesu”, was to act as an intermediary in the purchase of the system by the Polish services The TVN24 journalist also published a letter from the head of the CBA Ernest Bejda to Zbigniew Ziobro. It is a request to … Read more

2022 registered VAT deduction for 2021 invoices received in 2022

Invoices relating to purchases made in 2021 but received in 2022 allow the VAT deduction only in 2022. This can be seen not only from the provisions of the VAT decree (Article 19) – which, in regulating the right to deduct the tax, makes it subject to the occurrence of a double requirement (substantial and … Read more

Simplified accounting for virtual cash: the management of invoices issued at the end of the year – Fiscal Focus

According to the interpretation provided by the Revenue Agency with the Circular AdE 11 / E of 13 April 2017, the taxpayer in the simplified accounting system for virtual cash (or with the option pursuant to article 18 paragraph 5 of Presidential Decree 600/73) can – simply by acting on the registration date of the … Read more

She opened a case with speed skaters. I’ll send police to Novak, he says

Also listen to the article in the audio version. When Libuša Steklá was discussing the accounts of the speed skating association, one thing stopped her immediately: According to documents, young athletes were supposed to have full board at foreign training camps – paid breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, Libuša Steklá, as a speed skating club … Read more

School must return 10,000 euros in subsidies due to vague school invoices (Inland)

Lucerna primary school has to pay back 10,000 euros in school bills. — © Ivan Put Primary school Lucerna in Anderlecht has to repay 10,000 euros of its subsidies to the Flemish government. The reason is the lack of transparency in the school invoice. It is only the second time in nearly twenty years that … Read more

Coach Sáblíková responded: I feel pressure to quit

“At the end of the year, my contract ends and I feel pressure within the movement not to extend my contract. The timing of the whole affair is not accidental for me. Personally, I will be satisfied if the whole topic is closed fairly and the Czech speed skating will once again be able to … Read more

Coach Sáblíková about suspicious invoices: It’s just an administrative matter

The plane from Amsterdam landed on the runway exactly on schedule – at 1:40 p.m. On board with speed skater Martina Sáblíková and her coach Petr Novák. However, the well-known coach did not pass through the Arrivals Hall – thus avoiding questions about how he invoiced the speed skating association hundreds of thousands for the … Read more