Microsoft Teams implemented ‘Communities’ on iOS and Android devices | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

Microsoft Teams has announced the launch of the ‘Communities’ feature, an experience that allows users to connect, share and collaborate and that it is already implementing in the free version of this service for iOS and mobile phones. Android. MIRA: WhatsApp: how to avoid being added to a group chat? The technology company has recognized … Read more

Apple has closed the door to downgrade (Stop Signing) iOS 16.1, iOS 16.1.1.

Apple prevents installation. iOS 16.1 and iOS 16.1.1 Then users will not be able to Downgrade, Signing or Restore back to that version of iOS. For those who upgraded to iOS 16.1.2 Disable Downgrade Back to iOS 16.1 and iOS 16.1.1 Apple has disabled the installation of the following versions of iOS, iPadOS. For those … Read more

Proton releases Drive cloud service for iOS and Android – Computer – News

You’re off to notice your Kim Dotcom defensive response, skittish about capitalism and wealth. Oh, no. I think you call this one attribution bias or a interpretation bias. I am saying that it may be a valid position to oppose cultural wealth inequality, which I am not passing judgment on. I can also explain that … Read more

How to WhatsApp Not Seen Online So Not Disturbed During the Holidays – For some people, seeing their WhatsApp online is sometimes uncomfortable. It could be that they don’t want to be bothered with chats or calls from people at that time. WhatsApp also understands it. Not everyone has the same needs. Likewise with the online visible status which, according to an internal WhatsApp survey, is … Read more

Are you having trouble retyping Gmail or addresses on your phone? Teach you a trick to enter basic information or play cute kaomoji in seconds! – Electric Otter Girl

After setting the alternative text, you can become a typing champion among friends Today I’m going to share with you a way to make your mobile phone more usable. The “alternative text” trick is applicable to both Android and iOS systems. Just set some words that you often need to enter as alternative text, and … Read more

WhatsApp Launches a New Feature, Ready to Use Android or iOS, What’s That?

KBB NEWS– Communication application WhatsApp always present many of the latest features that make users more comfortable. WhatsApp become a medium for contacting people around us either via chat, voice call or video call. In addition, there are many other functions that users can take advantage of WhatsApp in carrying out daily activities. Read Also: … Read more

Fruit powder change machine and slow!It is rumored that Apple will have a new product explosion in 2023, and 12 new product lineups are worthy of attention-Free Electronic News 3C Technology

(Photo/Associated Press) As the new year of 2023 is approaching, what will be the new lineup of various product series that Apple will launch in the coming year?In this regard, foreign mediaMacWorld The first inventory forecast will have at least a list of more than 12 new products, covering Mac, iPad, iPhone and other models, … Read more

RealityScan, the free application now available on iOS with which to create 3D models of real objects to develop video games – IOS

RealityScan, the app free from Epic Games for 3D modeling, is now available for download on systems compatible with iOS. Thus, after publishing a beta phase last April, the company shared the final version of its Work tool. With her, as pointed out from The Vergeusers will be able recreate real world objects without having … Read more