Surtigas donates $ 322 million to those affected by storm Iota in Cartagena

The donation benefits a total of 6,462 people affected by the storm. Cartagena Colombia: The passage of Storm Iota through Cartagena caused havoc in populations previously affected by the Covid-19 health emergency. Faced with this scenario, the Surtigas company responded in solidarity by defining a donation of $ 322,389,180 million pesos represented in 6,462 humanitarian … Read more

ECLAC confirms human and economic impact of Eta and Iota in Honduras »

By: Redacción CRITERIO.HN [email protected] Tegucigalpa. – The most recent damage report, after the passage of Hurricane Eta and Tropical Storm Iota through the country, left material losses of more than 1.8 billion dollars, the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) estimated in a recent count. Using data from the Honduran government, ECLAC confirmed that at … Read more

Solidarity continues to reach the victims of Eta and Iota |

Thousands of Guatemalans sheltered, overflowing rivers, flooded communities, fallen bridges, and other damage left by tropical storms Eta and Iota as they passed through the national territory in November. And according to the report of the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred), on December 5, both storms left two million 415 thousand 858 people affected. … Read more

Adolfo Mejía Theater in Cartagena: The Adolfo Mejía Theater will be dealt with due to an IOTA storm | Cartagena

After the technical evaluation carried out by the team of the Cultural Heritage Division of the Institute of Heritage and Culture of Cartagena, it was determined that the Adolfo Mejía Theater required a series of urgent works due to the effects of the winter wave that harmed more than 150 thousand people from Cartagena, on … Read more

Queen Letizia arrives in Honduras with tons of aid for those affected by Eta and Iota – Prensa Libre

Queen Letizia arrives in Honduras to convey the support of Spain after the serious damage caused by hurricanes Iota and Eta. (Photo: EFE) The Queen Letizia arrived this Monday at Honduras within the framework of a cooperation trip to deliver a shipment of emergency aid with which to deal with the damage caused by hurricanes … Read more

Honduras remains with floods after a month of the passage of Eta and Iota

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. After a month of the passage of tropical storm Eta through Honduras, which was followed by Iota, it seems that the two natural phenomena passed through the country yesterday, leaving a trail of pain for the death of around a hundreds of people and considerable material losses. Eta, that on November 3 entered … Read more

US lists support for Guatemala for storms Eta and Iota

Aid to the country by the United States continues. Photo La Hora / United States Embassy By Maria [email protected] After the passage of tropical storms Eta and Iota in the national territory, aid from the United States continues to arrive in the country, through agencies in coordination with Guatemalan entities, as detailed today by the … Read more

The Honduran GDP will register an unprecedented decline at the end of the year

San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Because of the pandemic and the two Tropical storms, the Honduran economy it will suffer a drop between 8 and 9% by the end of the year, an unprecedented drop since these types of measurements were made seven decades ago. The lowest point recorded until then had been in 1954 (6.4%), … Read more

Turkey delivers 285 humanitarian aid to Iota victims in La Boquilla

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), of the Government of the Republic of Turkey, with the support of the District’s Risk and Disaster Management Advisory Office, delivered 285 humanitarian aid to families residing in the Puerto Bello sector, in the village of Tierrabaja, belonging to the town of La Boquilla, qThey were damaged by … Read more

Cartagena Social Music: ‘Cartagena Social Music’ brought aid and music to victims of IOTA | Cartagena

Through non-perishable food, clothing and a lot of music the guild of Cartagena Social Music composed of several young people who make their way into the genus vallenato they reached the La Arrocera sector in Olaya Herrera to brighten the lives of those most in need these days. A sense of humanity and solidarity was … Read more