iPhone 13 expected to be released next month (September) ‘sales price’ leaked… Up to 2.5 million won

bomb01 [인사이트] Reporter Jae-Yoo Kim = The estimated selling price of Apple’s iPhone 13, which is scheduled to be released on the 17th of next month, has been released. On the 28th, GizChina, a Chinese IT media, reported that the price of the iPhone 13 series will vary from a little less than 1 million … Read more

Jarir to buy the new iPhone 13 – iPhone 13 in Saudi Arabia.. How much is the price? The house of life

The Saudis are looking for The price of the new iPhone 13 – iPhone 13 to be bought from Jarir Bookstore And Google has recorded high operations inside the Kingdom to find out iPhone 13 price And in this article, which we put to you about the specifications and prices of the iPhone 13, we … Read more

iPhone 13 in all its glory! Is this a Steve Jobs dream come true?

The iPhone 13 and its brothers are not expected to debut until mid-September, but we don’t have to wonder what they look like now – here’s a photo of the rear panels of Apple’s flagship four. Every year, new iPhones cause an avalanche of comments and reactions to their appearance and specification. Some Maniacs look … Read more