iPhone 15 will get next-generation Sony image sensors

In 2019, Sony controlled 53% of the global CMOS digital camera image sensor market, but last year its share fell to 44%, with rival Samsung Electronics coming in second with 18.5% of the market. For Apple’s next-generation smartphones, Sony has developed an advanced image sensor that will improve the quality of photos taken against a … Read more

A “simple trick” to extend the battery life of the iPhone.. I know it

Smartphone users pay great attention to battery life, so they tend to prefer devices that last longer, so that they do not have to charge from time to time, while experts recommend some simple steps because they can make a tangible difference, according to the Sky News Arabia report. According to the “She Finds” website, … Read more

Take a look inside your iPhone 14 (Pro) (with these wallpapers)

Would you like to know what the iPhone 14 (Pro) looks like on the inside? No need to open! That can be much easier with these iPhone 14 Pro wallpapers.

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Due to the riots in China, you will not be able to give an Apple iPhone 14 Pro for Christmas

The world’s largest iPhone plant, China’s Foxconn, will suffer from a larger-than-expected reduction in manufacturing after an upsurge in unrest in recent days. Last week, thousands of workers blocked entry to Foxconn and others quit after China tightened its covid lockdown. The biggest problem is that the interruptions occurred days before the Christmas and New … Read more

How to make your iPhone notify you when it has finished charging the battery | ios | guide | nnda | nnni | DEPOR-PLAY

Does it bother you to be aware of the load of your iPhone? This is one of the most tedious situations that we must go through when our mobile devices have no battery; however, it is something that needs to be done to prevent it from overloading and declining lifespan. To prevent this from happening, … Read more

Taiwanese iPhone manufacturer gives workers in China bonus after uprising | Tech

28 nov 2022 om 09:32Update: 2 dagen geleden Foxconn gives its employees in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou bonuses of $ 1,800 (about 1,740 euros). In this way, the Taiwanese company tries to keep the largest iPhone factory in the world running. Workers at the Zhengzhou factory stormed out of dormitories last week after growing … Read more

iPhone: so you can draw perfect figures on your cell phone | trick 2022 | nnda | nnni | DEPOR-PLAY

Los iPhone They have several functions to customize the images, one of them is to create perfect figures without the need to be an art expert, since the same device transforms the drawings into well-done lines. Under this premise, you can create circles, arrows, or all kinds of shapes in your photos, notes, screenshots, PDFs, … Read more

iPhone 15 adds no physical key design: more evidence confirmed- DCFever.com

Text: Tony Recently, there has been a lot of news about the iPhone 15 adopting a new body design. Among them, it is rumored that a curved frame and no physical key design will be added. Recently, there has been more evidence that this phone will adopt a no physical key design. According to sources … Read more