Diplomats from Five Countries, Without the US, Continue Iran Nuclear Negotiations

loading… FAULT – The senior diplomats from China , German , French , Russia and English continue the negotiations with a focus on bringing United States of America (US) returns to the nuclear deal with Iran . The US was without representatives when diplomats met in Vienna because former President Donald Trump unilaterally pulled the … Read more

Our fighters can reach Iran

loading… TEL AVIV – A cabinet minister Israel provide a sharp warning of what it will count as nuclear deal bad new between Iran and world powers. He said that war with Tehran would inevitably follow the deal. As President Joe Biden explores the possibilities United States of America (The US) returns to the 2015 … Read more

If you wish, Iran could enrich uranium by up to 90 percent

loading… TEHERAN – President Hassan Rouhani said nuclear weapons-grade uranium enrichment was within reach Iran , but Iran chose to stick to a lower level of purity because it didn’t want to build a bomb. Rouhani said this as talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal continue. Rouhani tried to dismiss US and European concerns … Read more

Israel declares ready to cooperate with the US on the Iran nuclear deal

loading… TEL AVIV – Defense Minister Israel, Benny Gantz promised to work with United States (US) about Iran. He voiced hope that Israel’s security would be safeguarded under the Iran nuclear deal that the US is trying to renew. “Israel views the US as a full partner in all operational theaters, including Iran,” said Gantz … Read more

Houthi Leaders Warn Iran Not to Stop Uranium Enrichment

loading… SANAA – Houthi leaders Yaman Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi asked Iran does not stop uranium enrichment before the parties to the 2015 nuclear accord return to the deal. “If Iran accepts stopping (uranium) enrichment before (the other party) implements the agreement, it will repeat the mistakes of the previous agreement, which was not implemented despite … Read more

The Enemy Cannot Win the War Against Iran Even in Dreams!

loading… TEHERAN – Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Iran , Major General Hossein Salami, boasted that enemy countries would not be able to win the war against Tehran, even in a dream. He also downplayed sanctions United States of America (US), which in his opinion has made Tehran more independent. General Salami … Read more

Iran Cold Test Redesigned Arak Nuclear Reactor

loading… TEHERAN – Iran will carry out cold tests on the redesigned Arak nuclear reactor to start its full run later this year. The statement was made by Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization on Friday (19/3). Iranian Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi was quoted by local media as saying the cold test, which usually includes … Read more

IAEA Finds Traces of Uranium at Two Iranian Nuclear Sites

loading… FAULT – The UN nuclear watchdog found uranium particles at two sites Iran who was inspected after months of being blocked and is preparing to reprimand Tehran for failing to provide an explanation. This situation may complicate the effort United States of America (US) to revive nuclear diplomacy. Although the site where the material … Read more