2,000 irregular workers discovered in Venice shipyards – Last Hour

(ANSA) – VENICE, MARCH 28 – Almost 2,000 irregular workers, mostly Bangladeshis and Eastern Europeans, paid with meager wages, were discovered by the Guardia di Finanza in the shipbuilding industry of Venice, as part of a investigative activity coordinated by the Lagoon Public Prosecutor’s Office. The investigation, in collaboration with the Labor Inspectorate, was aimed … Read more

Pedro Castillo | “The procedure in Congress to vacate Pedro Castillo was irregular” | Guido Leonardo Croxatto | lrsd | Policy

The Argentine lawyer granted an interview from Buenos Aires, on his work table a copy of the great poet from Arequipa Mariano Melgar. Photo: The Republic. | The Republic The Argentine lawyer tours Latin America with an argument: Castillo’s lawlessness was improper. Last week he visited the president of Colombia Gustavo Petro and will meet … Read more

Itaú dismisses 80 employees for irregular use of the health plan

Itaú dismissed 80 employees who allegedly used the health plan improperly. According to the bank, there was misconduct by workers in the request for reimbursement of consultations and procedures. The layoffs come as health plans are making an effort to increase scrutiny against fraud. In October of last year, FenaSaúde (the federation that represents the … Read more

Irregular tuning keyboard developed by Dutch musicians

Amsterdam-based musician Chiel Zwinkels has developed a rather strange, irregularly tuned keyboard. The main character is the Arithmophone, which is made of a vivid matrix rather than the usual white and black. It is an instrument that can respond to considerable irregular tuning. Because the arrangement is unique, it may seem difficult to play until … Read more

Irregular sleep linked to mental illness in older women

Older women with irregular and poor sleep quality are at a higher risk of depression and anxiety. A new study published in the journal Menopause shows that older women who have irregular and poor quality sleep have a higher risk of developing mental illness. The researchers examined data from over 1,600 women aged 57 to … Read more

One year of operation is coming to an end… “The Irregular Student at Magic High School Reloaded Memory” will be discontinued | ETtoday Game News

Reporter Yang Zhiren / Comprehensive report The mobile game “The Irregular Student of Magic High School Reloaded・Memory” has been launched since June last year. The work is based on the original animation, allowing players to freely organize characters and enjoy magic battle RPG games. However, a few days ago, it was officially announced that “Reloaded·Memory, … Read more

New registrations for Bolsa Família are open for irregular insured persons

O Bolsa Familia fine-tooth comb will run until end of March. However, about 2.5 million beneficiaries were identified with strong signs of irregularities. These people will have the chance to opt out of receiving the benefit voluntarily. New registrations for Bolsa Família are open for irregular insured persons. (Image: FDR) Voluntary withdrawal from Bolsa Família … Read more

Correction of irregular payments for the second down payment by 28 February – Fiscal Focus

The end of the month represents the time barrier to proceed, on the one hand, with the late payments for the second down payment of the current year (with a reduced penalty for those who proceed) as well as, on the other, with the spontaneous correction of the irregularities that have been committed in this … Read more

“It is very serious”: almost a thousand women were tested by an irregular laboratory in Bío Bío | National

The Medical College of Concepción classified the situation as a true fraud with the examinations carried out on women, and that puts their health at risk. The Medical College described what happened with the laboratory contracted by different municipalities for tests that turned out to be false as extremely serious. In addition to San Pedro … Read more

Over seventy and without specializations: the Nas discover 165 irregular health workers supplied by the cooperatives

A Catania, in an emergency department, a coop employed doctors who had never specialized in the emergency and urgency sectors. The same that provided untitled auxiliary personnel to the Surgery Operational Unit but officially declaring it as Obs. TO Vercelli there were those who sent professionals over 70 to the hospital – an age higher … Read more