Bahij Ismail: Fouad Al-Muhandis used to pay a woman laughing in the theater to make the audience laugh

The fifth day of the National Theater Festival, in its fourteenth session (the Egyptian playwright course), headed by the able artist Youssef Ismail, whose activities will continue until October 9, witnessed a symposium to discuss the book “Bahij Ismail: Dream, Reality and Theater of Life” by critic Gerges. Thanks. Critic Gerges Shoukry said that it … Read more

The granddaughter of Ismail Yassin, a replica of him – in the photo

Kuwaiti media publishedMay Al-AidanA picture of the granddaughter of the late Egyptian actorIsmail YassinAnd the photo caused a wide interaction among the followers, emphasizing the great similarity between the granddaughter Sarah and his granddaughter, and they considered her an exact copy of him. The Egyptian actress, Shahira Hamdi, had admitted, on her official page on … Read more

“A Salafi imam and sleeping cells”… The first comment from the Ismail Endowment Agent

11:14 PM Saturday 18 September 2021 Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd: Dr. Sheikh Sabri Ubadah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Awqaf in Ismailia Governorate, commented on the fact that the Friday sermon he was giving yesterday turned into a quarrel inside the mosque, saying: “I went to the Fire Station Mosque, one of the major mosques, … Read more

Malaysia’s New Cabinet Composition: PM Ismail Defends 4 Senior Ministers, Appoints Khairy as Minister

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob defended a number of senior ministers in the same cabinet arrangement as the previous government, The Straits Times report. It also vacated the post of deputy prime minister. The newly appointed prime minister unveiled his cabinet line-up on Friday (27/8/2021) morning. His own party, UMNO, dominates the … Read more

Ismail Haniyeh re-elected as Hamas leader even though he’s not in Gaza

loading… GAZA – Ismail Haniyeh has been re -elected as leader Hamas , fax Palestine ruling in the Gaza Strip. He returned to lead the faction even though he was not in Gaza. Haniyeh, some call him Haniya, has been the leader of Hamas since 2017. He controls the group’s political activities in Gaza, the … Read more

Why did Ismail Shabana not achieve the same stardom and fame as his brother, Nightingale, despite his talent?

Many of the art stars who achieved wide fame and stardom had brothers who preceded them in the artistic field, and this was one of the incentives that prompted these stars to start their career, and there are famous artistic families whose members achieved many successes and wide fame, and some of them achieved fame … Read more

The advice to persuade the anti-vaccine opponents came from İsmail Balık, Member of the Scientific Committee: Give a double dose of concert or match tickets as a gift.

Stating that unvaccinated citizens are a factor in the increase in cases, Minister Koca stated that the number of those who have never been vaccinated is close to 23 million. Experts, on the other hand, stated that the vaccine is a must to get rid of the corona and made various suggestions. Scientific Committee Member … Read more

He was trained by Mohy Ismail, and he revolted and cried because of Rashwan Tawfiq. Adult stories about Nour al-Sharif

Today, August 11, 5 years passes since the death of the great art giant, Nour al-Sharif, who departed from our world on this day in the year 2015 after he enriched art with his masterpieces and hundreds of works whose name was recorded in the records of creative people, his real name is Muhammad Jaber, … Read more