The sudden return of Ismail Ahmed to Lebanon .. What is the reason? | sports

Suddenly, the star Ismail Ahmed, the former player of the Beirut Sports Club and the current Alexandrian Federation, returned to Beirut after sustaining a partial rupture of the right knee cartilage. The Egyptian player, who holds Lebanese citizenship, came to Beirut to perform the laparoscopic surgery in one of its hospitals, where a number of … Read more

Before Kidney Damage, Here Are 8 Ways To Maintain Kidney Health, said dr. Saddam Ismail

According to dr. Saddam Ismail health kidney can wake up by doing cara this. Either one cara guard health kidney delivered by dr. Saddam Ismail is to reduce eating foods that are too salty. Because dr. Saddam Ismail food that is too salty can make high blood pressure which can later affect health kidney. Everyone … Read more

Urgent.. Death afflicts the great artist, Mohie Ismail, with the death of his sister

Anwar Ismail, the sister of the artist Mohy Ismail, the aunt of the director Ashraf Fayek, and the playwright Bahij Ismail, passed away in the early hours of Tuesday morning after a long struggle with illness. The death of the sister of the artist Mohie Ismail Director Ashraf Fayek wrote through his personal account on … Read more

Ismail Abdullah: The Arab Theater Authority is keen to give this day a significance befitting the status of Arab theater on the world theater stage

Arab Theater Authority Secretary General Ismail Abdullah has announced the selection of Iraqi theater artist Dr. Jawad Al-Asadi to be the author of the sixteenth edition of the Arab Theater Day message for the year 2023, which falls on the tenth of January, when the great author and theater director will deliver his message on … Read more

6 Spices Flavoring Substitute Salt Prevent High Blood, Food Still Tasty Also Healthy Said Dr. Saddam Ismail

PRFMNEWS – Increased risk of high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease, to stroke can be triggered, one of which is due to consumption garam daily excess for a long period of time. The risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke can increase without realizing it, because of the consumption of garam daily as … Read more

If you feel these 6 complaints in your body, said Dr. Saddam Ismail, it could be that your cholesterol levels are moderately high

PRFMNEWS – The body will feel some complaint by the hour cholesterol on someone being tall. Complaints that the body feels when cholesterol Height is quite diverse, ranging from fatigue to feeling the hands and feet easily tingling. High cholesterol that is left unchecked can cause several dangerous diseases, such as stroke, heart disease, to … Read more

Recognize the Signs of High Cholesterol and How to Overcome It, According to Dr. Saddam Ismail

North Sulawesi portal – A number of symptoms will appear when as much cholesterol tall. Only, said dr. Saddam Ismailmany do not realize it. Well, for those who have a history as much cholesterol high, dr. Saddam Ismailgives an overview symptoms when cholesterol is high. Doctor Saddam Ismail revealed that there are several complications that … Read more

Often Considered Trivial, Though These 7 Things Can Cause Stroke, dr. Saddam Ismail Mention His Characteristics

PRFMNEWS – Healthy Vlogger dr. Saddam Ismail Name 8 things that can cause a person to get sick stroke. Disease stroke is one of the diseases that many people fear because it causes a person to be unable to carry out activities as usual due to the death of brain cells and making the body’s … Read more

Quick Tips to Lower Cholesterol After Lebaran Ala dr. Saddam Ismail, Do It This Way

MAPAY BANDUNG – During Eid, many people often ignore what they eat, especially high food cholesterol. Even though consuming food with cholesterol High levels can interfere with body health, especially for people aged 40 years and over. But don’t worry, cholesterol this height can be lowered in several ways which will be revealed by a … Read more

Acute Attacking Hepatitis, dr. Saddam Ismail Shares 7 Prohibitions for Hepatitis Sufferers So It Doesn’t Get Worse

MAPAY BANDUNG – Disease acute hepatitis recently reported to be increasing. After three pediatric patients were treated at Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta with suspected acute hepatitis whose cause has not yet been determined, died in a different time period from the last two weeks to April 30, 2022. Therefore, the Ministry of Health has increased … Read more