Meta builds the world’s most powerful «AI trainer»

As part of Meta’s preparations for “The Metaverse”, the company is now building what will be the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer. The project has already been underway for a year and a half, and the first phase of the construction of the “AI Research SuperCluster (RSC)” has been completed. The machine is operational and … Read more

Once again, the government proves that it is far from its obligations

The head of the land transport sector unions in Lebanon, Bassam Tlais, said in a statement: “Once again, the government proves that it is far from its obligations. The surprise is that the session’s agenda ignored the agreement with the prime minister on the demands of the transport sector, which he personally promised to put … Read more

Goboo launches the Dreame W10 self-cleaning vacuum cleaner

Madrid (ots/PRNewswire) – On January 20th, the world’s leading smart home appliance brand Dreame and Goboo, a local European e-commerce platform, launched the latest cleaning robot Dreame Bot W10. Goboo is launching an exciting new model with exclusive offers that you can find on Goboo’s official website. The Dreame Bot W10 is an all-in-one sweeping … Read more

Get your wipes ready! You can overcome these diseases by crying

Although crying is seen as a sign of weakness for many, it is a natural reaction of people. When we are very sad, stressed, bad news or something very happy happens, we may not be able to hold back our tears. Don’t even hold back your tears anymore. According to recent studies; It turns out … Read more

Residents prefer free antivirus software: what are the dangers? | Business

The results of the survey show that the population is becoming more and more aware of the importance of antivirus software: only 46% of them had antivirus software installed a year ago. population. However, Lithuanians still tend to save when choosing virus protection. Even 25 percent. respondents indicated that they have installed free or open … Read more

Do not miss this food from the table! Regenerates the lung, one of our most important organs.

Noting that alcohol use and excessive fatty foods can lead to liver diseases such as fatty liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis, Dyt. Betül Yurdakul said, “The first step in liver health should be a balanced diet program in which the foods consumed are carefully selected. The right foods clean and protect the liver with their antioxidant … Read more

What causes fainting? Pay attention to these 8 factors

Sometimes the cause is shock at the news of a sudden death… Sometimes, extreme fear in any event or nervous breakdowns… Rarely, coughing, urination, even repeated laughter can be responsible… The eyes suddenly darken and the person falls to the ground between astonished looks. piling up! The name of this problem, which can develop at … Read more

[리뷰] Professional high-performance laptop ‘Asus Pro Art Studio Book Pro 16’

Enter 2022.01.04 06:21 The demand for high-performance notebook PCs for content editing and production has increased significantly. In the past, gaming laptops with high specifications were mainly used for content creation, but recently, several ‘creator’ laptops with specifications and options for content experts have been released from the beginning. However, a full-fledged ‘professional laptop’ is … Read more

Josef Fares, creator of It Takes Two, prefers a knee shot to NFTs in video games

It Takes Two It has been for many the video game of the year, not in vain it won the award of the same name at The Game Awards and it also holds the honor of being the best game of 2021 in our list of the 25 most important titles of the year. With … Read more

What causes lung cancer? This mistake increases the risk by 20 times! If you are also in the risk group…

Lung cancer ranks first in cancer-related deaths all over the world and in our country. Every year, approximately 1.6 million people in the world and approximately 30 thousand people in our country die due to lung cancer. The reason for the high mortality rate due to lung cancer is that the diagnosis is usually made … Read more