How Microsoft and Co try to prevent the free choice of internet browsers – IT-Business

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a computer, tablet or smartphone: if you buy a new device, an internet browser is usually pre-installed. In Apple’s case, this is called Safari, while Microsoft’s is called Edge. Clever, many will think. After all, you can start using it straight away. However, a new Mozilla study suggests that misleading … Read more

“I don’t care about cookies”: Popular extension adopted by controversial security company – IT-Business

“I don’t care about cookies” is one of those browser extensions that make everyday life on the web a little less annoying. After all, it automatically takes care of those cookie banners that have made the Internet an even more unpleasant place as a result of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Market watchdogs step on the brakes on Microsoft’s takeover of Activision – IT-Business

It is now clear that it will be some time before the $75 billion takeover of Activision by Microsoft can finally be completed. Antitrust authorities from Great Britain and Brussels have expressed concerns and are now examining whether the merger will not affect competition. Sony in particular has expressed concerns that Microsoft could use its … Read more

Geely Announces Raytheon Hybrid Boyue L: Equipped with 13.2-inch Center Control Vertical Screen

Last night, Geely announced that the Chinese name of the pre-heated new car FX11 is “Boyue L”, and the optional Drive-E series gasoline version and the Raytheon Hi-X gasoline-electric hybrid version are available. According to the official introduction, the entire Boyue L series is equipped with the CMA super architecture, applies the high-end Thor hybrid … Read more

Apple’s official software leaks: Confirmation of iPhone 14’s display of the function of the screen includes the removal of details in the Widget

Xcode is Apple’s own software, mainly for system adaptation for developers, but it also reveals some new features in advance. The upcoming iPhone 14 Pro will be equipped with the Always-On Display feature, and traces of the Always-On Display have appeared again in the latest Xcode 14 Beta version. According to the information shared by … Read more

Cryptocurrency: New Luna token crashes massively immediately after launch – IT-Business

One might have thought that the Terra/Luna crypto project had reached the end of its life cycle after the recent crash. Instead, developers around the founder Do Kwon launched a new version of the linked Terra blockchain – and with it Luna 2.0 – on Saturday, reports “Mashable”. Only a few hours later, however, the … Read more

Musk considers fee for certain Twitter users – IT-Business

San Francisco / Palo Alto – According to a media report, Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to bring the short message service Twitter back to the stock exchange later. Musk could be targeting a stock market comeback for Twitter within three years of the billion-dollar takeover, the Wall Street Journal reports on Tuesday, citing people … Read more

Insider: Musk considers changing financing for Twitter purchase – IT-Business

According to insiders, Tesla boss Elon Musk is in talks about changing the financing strategy for his planned takeover of Twitter. Musk is in talks with large investment firms and wealthy individuals about getting more involved in the $44 billion deal, several people familiar with the transaction told Reuters. That could make it loud Forbes … Read more