This is the treasure of the Sriwijaya Kingdom that was accidentally found

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The discovery of treasures in the form of gold often occurs when excavating a project. Generally, the treasure is a relic of the past, especially the kingdom. Before the pandemic, in 2019 in Cengal District, Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI) Regency, South Sumatra suddenly became a concern. This location is allegedly storing … Read more

Check! 4 Goldman Sachs Gold Price Scenarios, Can be up to US$ 2,250

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The year 2023 is definitely not an easy period for gold. The precious metal continues to be under pressure even though it briefly spiked after the Russo-Ukrainian war broke out in late February. Gold started the journey this year at the position of US $ 1,800, 4 per troy ounce. Had … Read more

Historian Claims Solomon Owns 500 Tons of Gold Not the King of Israel, but the Pharaoh of Egypt

loading… Historian Ralph Ellis claims King Solomon who owned 500 tons of gold was not the king of Israel, but an Egyptian pharaoh. Photo/Wikimedia Commons via Jerusalem Post TEL AVIV – An English historian and writer claims that King Solomon who famously owned 500 tons of gold was not a king Israel but a pharaoh … Read more

Find the Treasure of 264 Gold Coins of Rp. 12.7 Billion, This Couple Is Suddenly Rich

loading… A couple in England got rich suddenly after finding a treasure trove of 264 gold coins under the kitchen floor of their home. They sold hundreds of coins at auction for more than IDR 12.7 billion. Photo/Spink/BNPS ELLERBY – This British couple was so lucky to find a treasure trove of 264 coins it’s … Read more

Israel Finds 44 Gold Coins in Muslim-Conquered Territories

loading… Israeli archaeologists found 44 gold coins at the Banias site, an area once conquered by the Muslim community. Photo/Dafna Gazit/IAA via Times of Israel BANISH – Israeli archaeologists found 44 gold coins at the archaeological site of Banias, the Hermon River nature reserve, which was conquered by the Muslim community thousands of years ago. … Read more

BRMS Stocks Drop Again, Stung by Riot Issues, Isn’t it Right?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The share price of PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (BRMS) has fallen again. This morning, at 10.26 to be exact, the stock price of BRMS fell 4.28% to a level of Rp. 179 per share. This decline coincided with issues circulating in the market related to the actions of demonstrators who … Read more

Putin Suddenly Appears on TV, US Dollar & Gold Jumps

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The US dollar index and gold both shot up on Wednesday (21/9/2022). Something that rarely happens, because the two have a negative correlation. That is, when the US dollar index shot up, gold would slump. But what happened today the US dollar index and gold moved in the same direction. According … Read more

Uproar, Saudi Arabia Finds Gold and Copper Mine in Medina

loading… Mine workers pick up gold ore at the mining site. Photo/saudi gazette MADINAH – Shocking news emerged from Saudi Arabia. The kingdom announced the discovery of a new site rich in gold and copper ore in the Medina region. The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) news agency reported last week that the Saudi Geological Survey … Read more