The Coach’s Gangbang Leads to 2 Jakarta Rock Climbing Athletes Become Suspects

Jakarta – Ah, coach DKI Jakarta rock climbing beaten by 2 of his own students. The beating left AH battered. The beating occurred in the JGC area, Kecamatan Cakung, East Jakarta, on Monday (26/11). In the circulating video, it can be seen that the trainer with the initials AH was beaten many times by the … Read more

5 Facts About Liquid Methamphetamine Circulating, Young Vape Users Are Targeted

Jakarta – Polda Metro Jaya dismantled the distribution of narcotics in the form of liquid methamphetamine which was used as a liquid vape. The drug dealer targets young people who frequently smoke vapes. “On November 27, 2022, the Narcotics Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya made an arrest in a narcotics case, with the liquid mode … Read more

Illegal parking in DKI is in the spotlight, PDIP legislators compare the Ahok-Anies era

Jakarta – Member of DPRD DKI Jakarta PDIP Faction Gilbert Simanjuntak assessed wild parking which is suspected of generating billions of rupiah per year in Central Jakarta (Jakpus) has been going on for years. According to him, the illegal parking also made the urban planning dirty. “This has been neglected for years. This is the … Read more

Various Reasons for Depok City Government Demolishing SDN Pocin 1 in favor of Building a Grand Mosque

Depok – The City Government (Pemkot) of Depok continues with plans to demolish SDN Pondok Cina (Pocin) 1. After that, a grand mosque will be built on the former school land. Officials revealed a number of reasons Depok City Government to continue with the plan. On the other hand, the fate of students SDN Pocin … Read more

Chronology of high school students in Bekasi giving birth to discarded babies wrapped in alma mater

Bekasi – High school students in the District BekasiWest Java, gave birth in the last school bathroom throw away the baby. The baby was wrapped by the perpetrator using his alma mater jacket. This was known after local residents found a baby that was thrown away by the perpetrator this morning at 10.35 WIB. The … Read more

The government plans to magic the Ciliwung River while holding a rowing competition

Jakarta – The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) together with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government are planning to conjure up Ciliwung River to become a barometer of river management in Indonesia. While the process is running, the government will also hold a number of activities such as rowing competitions. The idea of … Read more

5 Recent Facts about the Accident Case of UI Students Vs Retired Police

Jakarta – Accidents that killed University of Indonesia (UI) students, M Hasya Attalah Syaputra (18) is still being investigated by the police. The police are considered slow because they have not named the perpetrator, ESBW, as a suspect in the accident. The fatal accident occurred in Srengseng Sawah, South Jakarta on October 6 2022. This … Read more

Residents of South Jakarta Pesanggrahan Killed by Electric Shock During Floods

Jakarta – A resident in Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta, died when flood hit his territory. The resident was electrocuted during the flood and his body was evacuated by DKI Jakarta BPBD officers. “The victim died as a result of being electrocuted because he tried to unplug the power plug which was submerged in water,” said Head … Read more

Seconds of Horrifying Sadistic Robbery in Bekasi Slashes a Carpenter to Critically

Bekasi – One person a man with the initial G was mugged in Jl Raya CBL, Kertamukti, Cibitung, Bekasi Regency. The victim was critical after being stabbed There are 4 suspected perpetrators. The incident occurred on Saturday (26/11/2022) evening. The perpetrators fled after stealing the victim’s motorcycle. West Cikarang Police Chief Kompol Sutriesno explained that … Read more

[POPULER JABODETABEK] “Sleep Call” Service Ordering Story | New Facts about Family Deaths in Kalideres Page all

JAKARTA, – Jabodetabek popular news starts with stories of young people about their experiences ordering services sleep call. Some of them tried the service sleep call out of curiosity and fun. Articles about services sleep call It was widely read and became Jabodetabek’s most popular news. Then, articles about new facts about family deaths … Read more